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Welcome to the Nightstalker Database
The Nighstalker are a fanmade faction fighting the Decepticons in their very own way. Their goal is the preservation of the Cybertronian race, they do not care much about other lifeforms. In their opinion the Autobots are caring way too much about inferior lifeforms like the humans in order to fulfil their mission. Led by the original Autobot Solidstrike the Nighstalker do also enjoy destroying Decepticons and they even fight the Autobots if they try to stop them. But there were also incidences were the Nightstalker fought side by side with the Autobots.

But there's another version of the Nightstalkers: In the RPG Forum "The Shadow Realm" they developed in a slightly different way. Here their purpose is to keep the Shadowcons from reviving their creator The Fallen and to fight those Shadowcons who are still following the Fallens ways. In this continuity the Nightstalker leader Solidstrike is an original Shadowcon himself.