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 Solidstrikes Profile

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Character sheet
Name: Solidstrike
Faction: Shadowcon
Alternative Mode: Nissan GTR 2009

PostSubject: Solidstrikes Profile   Mon Dec 14, 2009 4:37 pm

Name: Metal Claw/Solidstrike
Faction: Shadowcon
Powerlevel: 3
Gender: Male
Height: 7,6 m / 25 ft
Weight: 1,7 t
Alt-mode: Nissan GTR 2009
Top-Speed: 193 mp/h (311 Km/H)

Motto: "If no night follows the day, there wouldn't be another day."

Strength: 7
Intelligence: 10
Speed: 8
Agility: 9
Endurance: 7
Courage: 9
Fireblast: 8
Accuracy: 10
Melee: 7

He has a cybertronian plasma combat rifle with automatic search sensor, semi- and full-automatic modus. Besides that he has two swords – one mounted on each arm – built of cybertronium, retractable and deadly. Later Slicewing built Warheads anti-aircraft cannon onto Solidstrikes back. Now he also has a retractable double barrel particle cannon mounted right under his shoulders on his back.

Past on Cybertron:

When the Fallen created the Shadowcons to serve his purpose he gave them a dangerous weapon: Intelligence. Underestimating this weapon some of his own creations turned against him - betrayed him. Since the Shadowcons are a very strong and resourceful race of Cybertronians he couldn't fight them all alone. He created other Shadowcons to 'fight' the defected ones. Solidstrike (back then MetalClaw) has been built as one of them, he was supposed to hunt and kill a dangerous Shadowcon named Sorrow, one of the first seekers built by the Fallen to seek out new energy sources. The Fallen created Solidstrike to match a seekers power in order to hunt him down, he gave him powerful weapons, advanced target sensory and the ability to see beyond the diversion of cloaking besides the standard Shadowcon abilities such as warping, cloaking, regeneration and signature masquerade. Solidstrike hunted Sorrow a long time and fought many battles against him but Sorrow managed it to challenge the Fallen personally, who was everything but pleased. The Fallen defeated Sorrow himself and punished Solidstrike by punching him to Stasis Lock as well. The Fallen stored Solidstrike in a Stasis Module -maybe he would need him another time.

An unknown but long period of time has passed when Solidstrike reactivated his optics the first time. Not knowing who he was, because the Fallen wiped his memory, he left his Stasis Module to find himself in a ruin of a building along with five other Stasis Modules. That was the moment he met Fallout, who had freed him from the Fallens space vessel and allowed Solidstrike access to a information device. He then learned about what happened, about the Fallens plans to invade an alien world to use its sun to create a new source of energon. He also learned about the Shadowcons and their 'purpose' but Fallout could not answer his most important question: Who was he? Solidstrikes memories were wiped out and in order to find them he went out to the Fallen himself. He traveled to his creators ship to encounter him and when he did he got a few of his questions answered but also almost found his death. Weak and damaged after his confrontation with his creator he escaped from the drones which were ordered to bring him into a holding cell. He fled back to the hide out from Fallout and did some researches about himself. After deciding that the name 'MetalClaw' wasn't any longer appropriate he referred to himself as 'Sleeper' just as Fallout did when they first met. Then he followed Fallout into a battle against the Decepticons, the first time he could remember to test his weapons. But the battle was short since the Decepticons were already retreating. Back in Fallouts hideout Solidstrike suggested to make contact to the Autobots in order to ally with them but no one gave him much attention. Later he decided to go out to them himself because he was determined that the few of them would not stand a chance against the Fallen, the Shadowcons and the Decepticons.

In all his naivety Solidstrike just went over to Iacon HeadQuarters and knocked at the door. Not knowing that recent circumstances wouldn't make him a face nice to be seen of him he was greeted by the Autobots weapons specialist, who was more than aggressive against him. Another Autobot who was accompanying him kept this aggressive bot from killing the Shadowcon who dared to enter Autobot ground. That was the moment when Solidstrike got to know Prowl, who saved his life, and the two became friends. They brought Solidstrike to a holding cell and a short time later the Autobot leader himself took care about the issue. He questioned Solidstrike a long time to be sure not to get an enemy spy among his ranks but Solidstrike could make his wish to join the Autobot forces believable. Short after his arrival the war broke out and Solidstrike found himself in the middle of it. When the Decepticons attacked Iacon and the Autobots did everthing to fight back. Solidstrike led a little attack group for a short time. He fought against Decepticon assault units and won some precious battle experience but also almost got killed. After his group has been eliminated he fell back and fled into the ruins of Iacon. He lost the only friend he ever had, Prowl, in the chaos of the war and his self-confidence was destroyed but continuing attacks didn't give him much time to think about what happened. He met a lone Autobot soldier, Corebeat, who was the only surviver of his group as well. After this young mech joined Solidstrike, he felt responsible for him and kept going. They hid deep in the base went of Iacon and found old records and blueprints as well as a description what looked like a launching side. Solidstrike and Corebeat went out to search for what ever what was hidden there and got into several combats on their way. Corebeat got lost in the chaos and Solidstrike carried on alone. He then reached the old and decayed launching side but he could find nothing what could be of any help. He spent a lot of time studying the material they found until he learned that the something he was looking for was underneath the launching side. He went to the basement where found nothing - again. But finally he decrypted the descriptions of this old plan and Solidstrike reactivated the guardian robot of Iacon. Finally the Autobots could efficiently fight the Decepticons back and go after the Fallen but this guardian robot didn't quite react as Solidstrike expected. The robot crashed through the wall and climbed out of the basement. The entire building collapsed and Solidstrike could run out in the last possible instant. Severely damaged he made his trip back to Iacon.

The Autobots made themselves a stronghold near the former base of Iacon and Solidstrike found shelter there. Everything he did turned out to be a failure and he had lost his self-confidence one more time. He only fought as a normal soldier under the orders of some one else but the war didn't go well for the Autobots. More of them were hunted down and killed by either Decepticons or the Shadowcons. Solidstrike left the Stronghold and strayed around in the cybertronian desert. He eventually collapsed because of the lack of energon. He thought he died but he awoke again in a cave. There he met Receiver, an old transformer who was once active as a mining vessel controller but he hid himself when the war began. He was one of the less scientists who helped to build the Iacon guardian robot. Receiver let Solidstrike having part of his wisdom and gave him his self confidence back. He spent a lot of time with Receiver, who told him many stories of his life and practised with him sword fighting. In this time Solidstrike learned a lot about himself and finally left to find the guardian robot he once freed again. It took him a very long time as he wandered through the rubble and ruins of former cities until he finally found this guardian robot. First he reacted aggressive against Solidstrikes approach but after the former Shadowcon stated his intention the big robot cooled down. He agreed to join the Autobot stronghold near Iacon and Solidstrike returned. But the guardian robot didn't think about fighting, instead he withdrew into a silent corner and practiced science. Solidstrike then rather left him alone and returned as a soldier. During a battle against the Shadowcon Nightshade and her squadron of seekers Solidstrike got severely damaged and nearly died. The guardian robot was thanks to his scientific skills able to fix him but Solidstrike lost almost all of his Shadowcon abilities. From this time on he wasn't able to warp and to cloak anymore. But he had still regenerative abilities and was able to hide his signature. During his recovery Solidstrike spent much time with the guardian robot who saved his life. He named him Slicewing and encouraged him to help at least to defend the stronghold. An entire time later on a reconnaissance mission Solidstrike found another stronghold of the Autobots and met an old friend there: Corebeat. Solidstrike remained there for a while and got to know Warhead, who was originally a miner but now converted to a capable warrior.

Later they received word from the very leader of the Autobots: Optimus Prime begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting. He stated that the Autobots were on a planet called Earth and that they would invite any Autobots taking refuge in the stars. At first Solidstrike didn't see a reason to quit fighting for his home and leave it and so he decided to stay. But Warhead showed him the new possibilities that would come through traveling to Earth and made Solidstrike see, that the war practically moved there. Thats why the war died down on Cybertron. Eventually Solidstrike agreed and they launched for Earth.

Past on Earth:

In his meteor-form he crash landed in Montana near the Helena Valey. After his first adventurous visit to the city he sought protection in an abandoned tunnel what later became the entrance to the Nightstalker Mountainbase. He quickly adapted the Nissan GTR 2009 as his alternative mode and met his long lost friend Prowl again, who has been hiding himself in the city as a police car. They enjoyed their being together and later rejoined the Autobot forces on Diego Garcia. There Solidstrike learned that Optimus and a group of Autobots were about to leave for Cybertron but he decided to stay on Earth along with Warhead, who told him about an encounter with Nightshade - Solidstrikes arch enemy. He sent Warhead out to search for other Shadowcons, since it was Solidstrikes task to fight the Shadowcons on Earth from now on. While Solidstrike was at sea on his way to the mainland he got a message from Warhead but as he arrived he found Warhead in the middle of a rage - an uncontrollable furious condition - and eventually Solidstrike met Radiator in a nearby city after Warhead rampaged in it. Radiator helped Solidstrike dragging Warheads disabled body back to the Mountainbase and called out for Slicewing, the engineer. As soon as all repairs were done Solidstrike endured a procedure along with Warhead which gave the two of them the ability to combine. The procedure was a success and the both of them collected completely new experiences.

After the procedure they have been tasked by Ironhide to check on their region what was going on. They found Shockwave with a couple of Decepticons in the Yellowstone Nationalpark. Not knowing what they were up to they returned to Ironhide to report. He decided to send an attack force to ther eled by himself and Solidstrike got involved into a fight against Shockwave. He found his earlier friend Corebeat helping the Decepticons but decided not to keep him around any longer since his loyalties kept changing to quickly. Ironhide sent Solidstrike on a patrol along with Smokescreen where he got caught by a group of humans serving an organisation called 'The Eye'. It was an illegal organisation formed of former members of Sector Seven who thought that the Transformers threat has to be forcefully dealt with. They experimented on Solidstrike for two weeks and tried to forcefully remove his technology in order to built weapons effective against Transformers. Because of an accident Solidstrike could manage to flee and was saved by someone he least expected to show up to help him: Nightshade. She took care for him and not only repaired him but also gave him back his Shadowcon abilities - Warping and Cloaking. Then Solidstrike learned that she has a vital change of heart concerning her loyalties, she was no longer serving the Fallen's goals. During his repair cycle Solidstrike had access to the computer he was hooked up to and gained information about another Shadowcon in stasis on board the Necrosis, which was now lying on the surface of the Mars. After he took revenge on the human who experimented and tortured him he returned to the Necrosis to free the Shadowcon named Wingbreaker - Not knowing that Wingbreaker it was actually a Transformer with shape shifting abilities called Echotrend - because he would need an additional Shadowcon to counter the task before him. After his run into Fallout who reacted rather aggressive and hostile to Solidstrikes presence he warped back to Earth.

After that incident he decided to seperate from the Autobots and founded a faction named the 'Nightstalkers'. At first he sought refuge within an old train tunnel which was leading through a massive mountain but was out of commission for a long time already. While meeting up with Prowl Slicewing used the time of his absence to dig the first part of the future Nightstalker Mountainbase from this abandonned train tunnel. Solidstrike made it official meanwhile, Warhead became his second in Command. During this time of change Solidstrike built on an alliance with the Autobots but planned to enforce the protection of the natural Earth straighter, with more violence if necessary, with the only exceptions of the humans, which he learned to hate. In Solidstrikes opinion the humans are a desease on this planet that drains this world to death. From the Autobots he learned that an old Autobot Prime, Sentinel Prime, was planing to destroy the Earth and taking its resources and energy in order to safe Cybertron. Solidstrike travelled to the moon, where the old Autobot Spacecraft, the 'Arc', has crashlanded and where Solidstrike was told Sentinel was. It came to a fight and both of them were heavily damaged. Solidstrike returned to the Nightstalker Base and was repaired by Slicewing. As soon as Solidstrike was ready he joined the fight in Chicago to support the Autobots in their battle against the Decepticons and take revenge on Sentinel Prime. Again he was nearly killed and got fixed up by his medical Officer Nightwind. During the repairs Radiator read out Solidstrikes memory chip and disclosed Solidstrikes feelings towards Prowl. With two defeats and his inside turned out Solidstrike fell into a depression and questioned his ability and fitness to lead. He withdrew himself and locked himself up in his room afraid that his friendship with Prowl has also been destroyed. Solidstrikes weekened state was then exploided by the powerfull entity known as Unicron. A herald was sent by him which injected Solidstrike with pure Dark Energon to destroy the balance between his two sparks and turn him evil. After being manipulated Solidstrike turned on the Autobots and ordered attacks. Solidstrikes subordinates did disobey his orders and with the help of Nightshade his spark could be cleansed. Before things could return to normal Unicron took once again influence on the Shadowcons this time with way more severe results. Solidstrike disappeared for weeks and nobody knew where he was. Only very little is know about an entity that showed Solidstrike a possible future and allowed him to make minor changes to the present time line what caused the Nightstalkers to cease to exist and left the base empty and decayed as if nobody has been there for centuries. When he returned he was a true Shadowcon again. He sought out his few siblings and together with them he attacked the Autobot base in Washington D.C. . Most of his siblings were killed during the attack and returned home, when Solidstrike was about to get killed, he disappeared. Nobody knew if he warped or cloaked and where he went.


Solidstrikes loyalty is one of the strongest characteristics. He is loyal to the death to those who are loyal and honest to him. He would do everything for those loved ones and trusts them in every matter. But once this person is disloyal to him or breaks his trust, he will never fully earn it again. Solidstrike is 100% reliable and alway sticks to his word and his agreements. He would never let one of his friends down and does everything in order to help them. A great deal of compassion is also one strong characteristic what Solidstrike rather sees as a disadvantage and sometimes even as a weakness. In a battle he fights ruthless and without mercy but once his opponent is beaten he hesitates to give him the mortal shot because of his compassion even for his enemies. There were situations he curses himself for this feeling. It sometimes makes him miss some good chances in combat but it also gives him a distinctive sense of right and wrong and lets him decide to advantage of the weak. It also adds a great deal of fairness to his characteristics. From his point of view everything should be balanced and everyone should get the fair share of what is entitled to him.

What Solidstrike lacks of is flexibility. He dispise sudden changes of his plans and reacts rather stiff. Sticking to the phrase "Never touch a running system" he avoids making vital changes to a situation and rather tries to fix problems than to eliminate them by more drastic actions. He needs time to adjust himself to a new situation, to analyze it and to find a solution for the possible problems. When he has that time everything is alright but if he hasn't, in a combat situation for example, he tends to make mistakes. Situations he didn't get the chance to think about also make him hesitating and let good chances pass away. He is sometimes to careful than to storm into the unknown. There are times and situations Solidstrike wishes he wasn't such a poor diplomat. Words and speeches are absolutely not his thing especially spontaneous ones. He also can't negotiate or convince others. Besides that he has a talent to choose the wrong words at the moment and appears to be brash at times what caused him some trouble already. He only makes the necessary announcements and answers questions if necessary and he knows that many opportunities are lying in negotiations but he prefers to leave that to someone else. Another less pleasant attribute is his stubbornness. Once he sat something in his mind he works like hell to put it through. This can be an advantage but if he is mistaken it could also be a disadvantage. Solidstrike hates to back down from something or to retreat from a battle.

His impatience is his greatest weakness. If he has the opinion to be ready he wants to go and don’t want to loose anymore time. He’s also incapable of making quick decisions, especially in battle when everything’s moving fast he tends to make mistakes or he’s reluctant and misses a good chance to act.
A technical disadvantage is the fact that Solidstrikes power structure is not designed for powering the cannon on his back. Resulting from that the cannon is rather weak when he is not combined with his partner Warhead. When Solidstrike is combined with Warhead he feels Warheads pain like his own.

Special Abilities:
Equipped with a combat visor installed in front of his optics he’s able to optically see and track all known kinds of energy signatures and to lock on to them. Paired with the search sensor of his rifle it’s almost impossible to miss the target. The visor also enables night vision and functions to scan a target. Even the mostly common cloaking devices can be detected as well as the Shadowcon cloaking signatures.
He can combine with Warhead and forms the battle platform underneath Warheads jet mode. When their sparks are combined Solidstrike cannon becomes very powerful since Warhead supports additional power for it.
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Solidstrikes Profile
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