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 Countdown to extinction

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PostSubject: Countdown to extinction   Wed Jan 20, 2010 4:19 pm

I don’t remember much of my past life. Most of it has been deleted in order to keep my head low in the case I would be reactivated. Well it didn’t work out quite like that. How ever there happened a few things in my new life that changed me forever. My view of family for example. No matter how hard they hurt you and how often they break your heard... They stay family and you are ready to help them if they need your help. The funny thing is.. They are also there for you in your darkest hour... Things happened I never dreamed of – And I know it, I spent enough time of my existence sleeping. During my second chance in this world I discovered my strengths and my qualities. I made a lot of experiences, some were pleasant others were painful. I went through an ever changing world in which friends turned foes and the other way around. Maybe my decisions weren’t always right. I certainly made my mistakes just like every one else, some were referring to me as a total failure and there were times when i were thinking if they were right. I always tried to get through a lot of mess alive and I failed indeed.. Even twice. The fact that I can tell you this story is a result of what I started with: Family. Without them I would have stayed death.. The first time and I would never have had a chance to die a second time. But with the help of friends and family I could even defeat death itself. And dispite my mistakes I think I can say I made enough right to gain confidence and things happened to me I would call positive through and through. “Great power goes to those who do not seek it” is a phrase of Alpha Trion and though I think that those who do not seek it automatically deserve it.
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Countdown to extinction
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