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 Nightstalker Synopsis

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PostSubject: Nightstalker Synopsis   Fri Feb 19, 2010 6:07 am


The Nightstalker started as a loose bunch of a few more or less merely defending themselves from the Shadowcons. Later after they moved on to Earth they built up a headquarters and started to organize themselves in a slight military manner. Their goal is it to guarantee that their Nemesis the Fallen stays dead and to hunt down and eleminate all Shadowcons still fighting for the Fallens goals. Unfortunatelly there are Shadowcons who actually have the same goal as the Nightstalkers and though they are fighting against them instead of with them.

The Base:

After landing on Earth the Nightstalker leader Solidstrike called upon all Nightstalker members on Earth. He only knew of Warhead but still hoped that there are more on Earth. After finding a long time missed friend again Solidstrike took refuge in a tunnel in a mountain in Montana near Helena Valley. Through this tunnel led abandonned rail ways but Solidstrike didn't mind. After an incedent with Warhead Solidstrike returned to this mountain and found Slicewing, the Nightstalkers engineer, digging into that mountain forming several rooms. Later Slicewing upgraded these 'caves' to actuall living and working rooms. Now the Nightstalkers do have a underground base within a mountain in Montana.


Due to its proximity to the Earths core Slicewing built two power plants, one primary one secondary, which are taking their energy directly from the outer shifts of the Earths core. The primary generator produces an amount of several million megawatts of electric energy which can easily converted into energon with some modifications and special equipment that also shares the space in the engine room. The secondary power plant is located at a different spot and only jumps into action if and when the primary power plants fails. It produces a way less amount of energy and is only useable as somesort of back-up generator to power repair systems and weapons. It has a special secret location to avoid it being sabotaged.


For defense Slicewing installed with the help of some other Nighstalker members like Corebeat and Radiator defense turrets they can rollout in case of an attack. They are 360° rotateable and firing plasma bolts. They are taking their energy from the main power plant deep in the center of the mountain. Embedded within a few spots in the mountain are remote controlled missile launchers which can swing out and fire heat-seeking missiles as well as spark-seeking missiles and programmable missiles.


When any robot or even an organism smaller than a human (like a dog or something in that size) enteres the entrance tunnel it already triggers a silent alarm. In the control room a light will pop up and inform the watching robot. In the main entrance in the second tunnel is secured with a cybertronium door. With a thickness of almost two meters and a denseness of 50,7 Kg/dm³ it is almost impossible to cut or blow through this door. The heavy door is pulled upwards when opened and when closed it squashes almost everything underneath it. In closed condition it is hermetic sealed and not even gases can enter the Nightstalker base. Two small optic sensors allow the command control room to see what is happening in fron of the door. A speaking device allows communication with the control room.

There is one emergancy tunnel leading to an emergancy exit further in the south. It is well hidden in the dirt of the forest surrounding the mountain chain and not directly at the surface and hard to find. The emergancy tunnel is equipped with alarm sensors as well.


The tunnel sensors are relatively ordinary and nothing special. In the 'great chamber', the first room to enter after leaving the main entrance tunnel, is equipped with high reflex subspace scanners, which are capable of reading matter in their constant condition of flux, this way even cloaked devices and enemies can be detected. The same sensory is installed in the command control room and in both engine rooms.

The targeting sensors for the base denfense weapons have a 'Snap-On-Target' function that allows the quick and accurate aiming for the plasma turrets. They can also memorize specific targets and aim and shoot automatically if the target shows up.


The command and control room is in essance one big computer room with a bit space for a few operating robots. With the help of Corebeat, Radiator and some capable technicians Slicewing built one super computer running the entire base. It has the capability to hook onto the human internet and show the information stored in their databases. It also allows permanent access to the human satellite system. The computer regulates all sensory and gets all the feed-back from them. In case of an security breach the computer reacts according to the many security protocolls implemented in its systems. From subspace disablement to deactivate cloaking devices or interrupt space bridges over EMP-pulses to deactivate all robots in certain sections up to destroy the entire base everything is in the range of capable.

The computer executes a self-diagnosis every hour and checks the entire system for any kind of errors or viruses every twentyfour hours. The system is interrupted for a very short period of time and has to be manually controlled. In case of an vital upgrade Slicewing has to deactivate all systems and carefully implement a new algorithm with a special technique to be sure that no one else places unwelcomed soft- or hardware into the system.
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Nightstalker Synopsis
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