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 Warhead Canon Profile

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PostSubject: Warhead Canon Profile   Fri Feb 19, 2010 7:49 am

Canon Profile:

Faction: Nightstalker
Height: 35 ft, 10,5m
Weight: 21 metric tons
Alt-mode: FA-37 Talon
Top-Speed: Mach 4


He has intelligent spark-seeking missiles which can be adjusted and programmed to follow a specific energy signature. He can transform his right arm into a powerful photon blaster.


Warhead was originally a Decepticon seeker under Starscreams command. But his aggressive superior way caused much trouble between them. Warhead was not satisfied with being a plain warrior and often undermined Starscream and tried to gain his position as the leader of the Decepticon seekers. After one hard power struggle Warhead defeted Starscream but by his victory Megatron felt threatened in his postion as the superior Decepticon leader and banished Warhead. Warhead felt betrayed and sought the Autobots to join up with them. First the Autobots didn't trust him and locked him up but during a battle at Iacon Warhead could prrof himself to them and became second in command of the Nightstalkers.

Special Qualifications:

Aerial Combat


Warhead has a very aggressive character due to his original Decepticon concept what makes him hard to handle at times. He only subordinates to individuals he personally thinks high of. As soon as he has the feeling of being a more capable leader than the current one he starts to take over leadership with violence if necessary. As a original seeker he is also very impulsive and speaks his mind even if it would be better to shut up at the very moment. He also tends to make his decisions basing on his impulsivity and overrush his decisions. His impulsivity also makes it possible to provoke him easily and let him make mistakes. Warhead is also pretty arrogant and superior and hates being commanded. He preferes to act on his own and to be his own boss what makes him even harder to deal with. Additional to that he has a very combative character and like to fight, even if it's the own. He uses every moment to sharpen his claws and prepare to fight unless he is in one.

Warhead has actually no soft side. The Decepticons never contructed him with one, he is a born fighter. Sometimes he is so bored that he even seeks fights with his friends even though it's just based on friendship it could be taken the wrong way. In his time off Warhead turned out being a drinker and when drunken he even likes more to brawl. Solidstrike often has a tough time keeping him within his fence.

Special Abilities:

Warhead possesses a subspace cloaking ability. He is virtually invisible to optical sensors and radars. But if the sensor equipment is capable of scanning the subspace he can be detected if the sensor looks for the right subspace frequency.

Warhead can combine with Solidstrike who becomes a powerfull turret platform under his body. Warhead then provides energy for Solidstrikes anti-aircraft cannon but that causes that Warhead can only reach a maximum velocity of Mach 2.5.
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Warhead Canon Profile
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