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 Slicewing Canon Profile

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Character sheet
Name: Solidstrike
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PostSubject: Slicewing Canon Profile   Fri Feb 19, 2010 7:49 am

Canon Profile:

Faction: Nightstalker
Height: 42 ft, 13m
Weight: 29 metric tons
Alt-mode: Eurocopter Tiger
Top-Speed: 155 mp/h (180 mp/h in helicopter mode)


- His right arm can be transformed into a weapons pod containing different types of missiles.
- 8 Hellfire AGM 114 laser guided missiles
- 2 mistral air-to-air missiles
- 12 68mm unguided SNEB missiles
- 8 spark-seeking missiles
- 16 close-range combat rockets
- In his right arm is an integrated machine cannon he can pull out firing 20mm rounds
- His chest contains a powerful laser cannon
- In his chest, on the left and on the right of the laser cannon are mine thrower
- His left arm can be transformed into an Ion blaster
- His left arms’ Ion blaster can also shoot an EMP-bolt to stun an enemy
- Integrated in his left shoulder is a GIAT 30 machine cannon firing 30mm rounds


Slicewing was awakened during the great war between the Decepticons and the Autobots to defend Iacon. The Decepticons were occupying Iacon but with Slicewing storm into action the Decepticons were driven away very quickly. Slicewing then protected Iacon until the war moved on to Earth. He left Cybertron along with Solidstrike and Warhead but drifted away due to a processor failure and crash landed in Germany were the German military found him and brought him to a science lab. While the humans were wondering what they've got there Slicewing was revived by an electro-magnetic impulse. He took the alternative mode of a German attack helicopter and then left for the homing beacon Solidstrike set out for all Nightstalker on Earth to follow.

Special Qualifications:

Computer engineering
Robot Engineering
Weapons engineering
Repair and rebuild

Slicewings dead-bringing body is controlled by a calm peace-loving character. He doesn't talk much due to a long period of isolation in his lifetime where his speech abilities suffered. He prefers to remain in the background in almost all situation because he is uncomfortable with being stared at and when everyone expects him to do great things. He despises war but he accepts violence as a justified meaning to protect himself or others. It is almost impossible to enrage him due to his calmness but even if one succeeds to enrage him he remains in full control of himself. He never over reacts. It's also pretty hard to argue with him because he rather stops caring instead of confronting others with his opinion. Sometimes Slicewing gets lazy and refuses to show up when a mission has to start but once he started something he pulls it through to its end.

Special Abilities:

Slicewing is capable to erect a force field around his body to protect himself against energy- and projectile-weapons. The force field reacts to energy and velocity. It only let his own weapon-signature glide through it in order to let him shoot while he is protected from enemy fire.

Slicewing is able absorb another transformers spark and store it within his chest under his laser cannon. He can use the spark to revive another transformer or to restore his own power.

A mimetic compount in his spark gives Slicewing the capability to duplicate any other transformers alternative mode and 'disguise' as them. Only the look is duplicated and the first impression. He can squeeze himself in Alternative modes which are actually way too small for him. But he can not duplicate another transformers robot mode, as soon as he transforms for battle his secret will be given away.

Slicewing can fly in robot-mode even if not fast or maneuverable.
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Slicewing Canon Profile
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