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 Warheads Profile

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PostSubject: Warheads Profile   Mon Dec 14, 2009 4:38 pm

Name: Warhead
Faction: Autobot
Powerlevel: 3
Gender: Male
Height: 35 ft, 10,5m
Weight: 21 metric tons
Alt-mode: FA-37 Talon
Top-Speed: Mach 4

Motto: "We are all making our own hell. I hope you'll enjoy yours."

Strength: 8
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 4
Agility: 5
Endurance: 8
Courage: 9
Fireblast: 7
Accuracy: 7
Melee: 8


He has intelligent spark-seeking missiles which can be adjusted and programmed to follow a specific energy signature.


At the beginning, when the Cybertronian started to build up their residences on Cybertron, they needed resources to build their structures. Warhead is one of the oldest Transformers, built to drill through the Cybertronium mountains to crush the material, to meld it and to bring it to the construction sites. This was what he did a long time. With his services it was possible to build the city sate Kalis and great parts of Central City. This life contained little adventure and even less variety but that didn't bothered Warhead because he was so focused on his job. He always operated in small groups but sometimes also alone. He liked his privacy and was glad when no one else was around. Even when the war began he didn't care much for the things going on until a small squad of Decepticons raided the mining crew. The Decepticons were in need of Cybertronium to build weapons but not every robot was able to mine it. The eliminated Warheads mining crew and forced him to mine for the Decepticons. He knew exactly what the Decepticons were planning with the Cybertronium, first he refused but when the Decepticons threatened to eliminate him as well he complied. After being forced to help the Decepticons they shot him anyways. He laid around a long time in the desert until a neutral patrol found him and let him being brought back to Kalis. Back there he got repaired and reinstated. He felt terrible but he learned to deal with that experience and continued his rather minor life as a miner.

The main security officer of Kalis one day thought that being a minor requires enormous strength and power and drilling through Cybertronium required tough tools that also could be used as a weapon. Most of the cities were built and only less Cybertronium was needed and after the war started, soldiers were more needed than miners and so the chief of security tried to make a warrior out of Warhead. Because of the inexperience about science and robot engineering the security officer assumed that it would be enough to simply raise a robots aggressive potential and give him more weapons. That was it what he did to Warhead but it didn't work, Warhead remained the same calm peace-loving character. After the failed try to make a soldier out of him he turned his attention on reinforcing the structures of Kalis and repairs any damages done by the war. One day Kalis was attacked by the Decepticons. They needed the city for strategic reasons but the resident Cybertronians didn't want to give it up and it came to a heavy fight. Warhead kept himself out of fighting and just repaired the damage. Suddenly he met those Decepticons who kidnapped him earlier and they tried the same again. Five Decepticons attacked Warhead and he desperately tried to defend himself but he was beaten. When the Decepticons were celebrating their triumph Warheads programming changes came online and he lost control over himself. He eliminated all five Decepticons with his drilling tool and smashed the walls around himself. He started to destroy the city built up himself let all hell brake loose as he searched for any Cybertronians. It took a long time until he cooled down again and realized what damage he has caused. After that event he found it best to isolate himself and to avoid the contact to any other Cybertronians.

His isolation didn't last for long. Soon after the destruction of Kalis other Cybertronians came to investigate and found Warhead nearby. He explained to them what happened and about his problem and though they took him with them. He was brought to Iacon where a seasoned scientist took a look at his messed up programming. He could repair most of the damage and then released Warhead who directly returned to Kalis and tried to build it up again but it was way to much for one robot and he grew mad and turned into a psychopath. Later he returned to the only place he considered a second home: Central City. He wasn't very useful there, he was either in a recharge chamber or stood on the promenade staring into the emptiness of the desert surrounding Central City. Several Cybertronians tried to get through to him but he completely sealed himself off. One day a robot named Blockade spoke to him, he counted him to all the others but somehow his words made him thinking about himself. He came almost every day and seemed to enjoy the challenge but Warhead didn't like it. One day he freaked out and attacked Blockade in a rage. The entire promenade was devastated after this fight and Blockade almost nonfunctional. Warhead was brought to a penitentiary and forcefully reprogrammed.

After being there he appeared to be healed and was released. He went back to Iacon where he let himself being assigned to a battle troop. The first time in his life he got trained in combat techniques by one of the new forged group called "Autobots". He remained calm and learned to control his anger even when he was provoked. Then the war got worse and he was able to collect a lot of combat experience. He even learned to use his his power in destructive but controlled manner though it was still very dangerous to be around even if one was Warheads ally. Thought his brutal way of fighting Iacon fell one day and had to be abandoned. Warhead left on his own and went out to seek another base where he could station himself but he couldn't find one for a while. Later he found one resistance cell and joined it. He remained in this resistance cell and helped them fight the Decepticons he hated himself for personal reasons. But one day he had a fight with one of the Autobots around there about a rather minor thing and he freaked out and almost leveled the place. He realized that he hadn't himself completely under control yet and wanted to start to stray around. But he was begged to stay though because the Decepticons had an easy game to eliminate the resistance cell if Warhead wasn't around. So he stayed and fought with them but isolated himself from the others. Then they got a visitor who brought news about another resistance cell which also kept soldiering on and that was when Warhead met Solidstrike. First Warhead avoided contact to him as he did it with every one else as well but later they became friends.

Later the words of Optimus Prime reached them and invited them to another planet. Warhead and Solidstrike talked about going there or not and they had a fight about it. Warhead was afraid to loose control over himself and threatened to leave the place and go alone but Solidstrike kept him from that. After another discussion Warhead could convince Solidstrike from leaving Cybertron without an outbreak and they left for Earth.

Warhead is a rather quiet and calm character and a quite convenient coeval. He is always friendly and respectful with his superiors. Sometimes he is even thoughtful what no one would ever say considering his appearance. Originally built as a transport vessel he has been refitted when the war started to brake out. An additional subroutine is giving him a more aggressive nature and the instinct to defend himself in case of an attack what made him a bit brash sometimes. He stays quiet and calm as long as he is not in battle. In battle his aggressive programming overwrites every form of kindness and threatens to turn him into a killer machine. He learned to get this under control though he turns into a furious bloodthirsty beast. Most times after a battle Warhead returns to his calm state and dives into deep thought. He never acknowledged his potential as a fighter. Whenthe war started and he got the taste of military he found that he would be quite fitting there. Warhead liked the military and became a military type himself. When the time moved on he was hard to handle at times because of his stubbornness.

Actually Warhead is his own greatest enemy when he is in a rage caused by this additional subroutine. Without anymore thinking he lunges at everything moving even if it´s a far more powerful opponent or even one of the own allegiance. His mood allows it sometimes to be quickly enraged what makes that problem even bigger. Additional to that his sensors are out of date and can easily be fooled. Most times he aims with visual judgment.
When combined with Solidstrike he feels Solidstrikes pain like his own. While combined with Solidstrike he can't fall into a rage to increase his power. Due to the power drain while they are combined he can only reach a maximum velocity of Mach 2.5.

Special Abilities:
In jet mode he can fly into outer space without any additional gear.
When he is in a rage his power level rises to 4 borderline 5.
When in a rage his strength and endurance jumps to 10.
When in a rage his intelligence and accuracy drops to 3.
He can combine with Solidstrike to gain an additional battle platform underneath his jet body.

Vehicle Specifications:

vehicle: FA-37 Talon Stealth Jet

* Crew: 1 pilot
* Length: 69.25 feet
* Wingspan: 66.33 feet wings open
* Height: Height without landing gear 8.28 feet
* Weight (Empty): 8,750 kilograms (19,250 lb. or 9.625 tons)
* Maximum weight capacity: 46,102 kilograms (101,424 lb. or 50.71 tons)

* Powerplant: 2 × Pulse Detonation/Scramjet engines
* range: 4,000 NM
* Max Speed: Mach 4+

Note: To reach Mach-velocity Warhead has to retract his wings because they would rip off at higher levels of speed.
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Warheads Profile
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