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 About RPG - Index

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PostSubject: About RPG - Index   Wed Feb 24, 2010 5:50 am

Playing RPG means writing an interactive story together with other members of the community. You pick a role you would like to play and that hasn't been taken yet and write the parts of the story, the scenes so to say, in which your character is involved. Other members writing in this story will start to interact with your character in a conversation or a fight and the scene will develop almost on its own. You can talk to the other members writing with you on a specific spot of the story and plot the ongoing of the story or you let yourself being suprised by the answer that might come. The choice of how you play is completely yours.

How an RPG is written:

The standart demands the simple past - form and the perspective of third person except for speech. But in our forum we don't take that rule all too tight. You can write your posts how ever it's comfortable for you be it present tense and ego-person perspective or what the standarts are, choose what ever you feel better with. After choosing your character (this can be a canon character or a fan made character) you should start by writing a profile for him or her answering the vital question of who he or her is, especially important if it's a fan made character. A template is provided in the profile area of our forum, you can simply fill it out. Then it will be an ease to bring your character in. We have different plots going on and your character will fit in somewhere, you can always ask the mods and moderators, they can help you out with this.

Getting started:

Many people think they have to read everything of the RP what has happened so far. Then they go into the RP forum and see hundrets or thousands of posts and think 'Man... I'll never get through this' and then they don't even try. Folks: That is a superstition! You don't have to read everything. The story is moving on and not up and down on what happened. You pick the place you want to step in and you read maybe the last ten to twenty post to get an overview over the situation (Who is there, are they talking? Are they fighting? etc.) and then you can already step in. You can ask the background of certain actions ingame and you will get the answer since you character is new to the scene he can't know anyways. Or you can ask one of the moderators for a quick summery and they will give you one since they know as well that a new member isn't going to read through twenty sited threads with one hundred posts per site. So, if you want to join the RP and you are unsure on how to proceed you can just ask. None of us is biting.

Your Future:

Once you're in and running you will see that the story is quite flexible. Only less things are actually planned and fixed and the characters developing the story are developing independently and after the free will of their players. Everything is possible. This not only a phrase, it is the fact. Later when you are comfortable with the RP you can even pick up more characters and play them simultaneoulsy, you are not limited to one or two characters. You can develop special relationships to the characters of other players, be it a deep enmity or a friendship. You can implement sudden unexpected changes to your character due to the flow of the story what keeps it interesting. There are so many things to be discovered and with a little flexibility everyone can have so much fun.
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About RPG - Index
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