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 Radiators Canon Profile

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Radiators Canon Profile   Wed Feb 24, 2010 6:10 am

Canon Profile:

Faction: Nightstalker
Height: 7,3 m / 24 ft
Weight: 1,4 t
Alt-mode: Fiat Strada TD 70
Top-Speed: 111mp/h (180 Km/h)


- Inbuilt in his right arm is a Gatlin gun that can be pulled out and fires up to 900 rounds of plasma-particle bullets

- In the upper wrist of his right arm is a soldering iron inbuilt, extendable up to a length of ca. 90 centimeters (2,5 ft) and it's tip reaches a temperature of maximal nine hundred degrees.

- Mounted on his shoulders he has four little muzzles, two per shoulder, which can thrust out very hot and very cold gases.

Before he became one of the Nighstalkers Radiator was a plain environmental technician. Now he is a warrior of many talents. After crash-landing in a yard of a farm house he lived on Earth for two years without any activity as a Nightstalker. The farmer of the house in which yard he landed in was the only human who knew about his secret, the two became close friends. Later Radiator lived on a scrapyard after his friend died in an accident and his house was sold to another human. As soon as he heard he joined up with Solidstrike and the others to resume his hunt for Decepticons.

Special Qualifications:


Radiator is a soft and calm original Autobot with a slight tendency to get a bit brash. He likes humanity and their culture and is very interested in developing his knowledge. Always friendly to other beings he has also the distinctive wish to protect other live. Sometimes he even argues with Solidstrike about how to proceed on specific matters. He likes music and dancing and at times he's in a funny mood but as soon as it comes to serious things he becomes serious too. He has a destinct sense for balances and is unbelievable sensitive. Radiator can built up very sensible small electronics and also feel into other persons and help them with their problems. It takes a lot to provoke him.

Even though Radiator is a seasoned warrior he is actually also a pacifist. He despises fighting but he realized the necessity of defending himself and those he loves. Still his fighting style is rather rudimentary and often too weak to fight stronger enemies. He talks a lot and he tends to speak too much about his private stuff. Radiator is not qualified for carrying sensitive information. His resilience is very weak, he can easily be questioned. It doesn't take much to put him under pressure and make him freaking out.

Special Abilities:
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Radiators Canon Profile
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