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 photoshop tutorial

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PostSubject: photoshop tutorial   Fri Mar 05, 2010 10:14 am

How to create Shadows Alt-mode

That is the image I started with, I found it in Google - Pictures with the search Tag F-22 Raptor (pretty simple I think).

Step 1: Cutting out the plane

Then I picked the "Eraser-Tool" and magnified the picture to about 300% or more to be able to exactly see where the plane ends and the sky starts. Then I carefully used the "Eraser-Tool" to free the plane's outlines from the sky around it.

Tipp: When you come to extanded straight lines like the wings, go at the beginning of the wing, click the right mouse button (and hold it), press shift (and hold it), let go of the right mouse button and move the courser to the end of the wing. At the edge you click with the right mouse button (while shift is pressed) and you will see that a straight line between you first and your second click is being erased.

At the end you should get something like this:

Step 2: Making it black

To make this F-22 looking black is so much easier than a few think. The only think you have to do is playing around with the "Brightness & Contrast" settings.

Move the Brightness-controler to the left and the Contrast-controler to the right and you will see what happens. Play and mess around with it untill you get something like that:

Step 3: The stripes

Now it makes sense to add another layer to the image. Click on "Layer" - "New" - "Layer" or Shift+Control+N to create a new layer. This is usefull for the case you make a mistake or things don't look the way you want then you don't have to screw up the entire image but only the layer.

Then you start painting the stripes and markings onto your plane. Maybe they don't look exactly the way you have it in your mind but thats ok, you'll learn it with the time. When you are done you can decrease the opacity of that layer so that the details of the plane still shine through your stripes, that makes it looking more real. You'll find it at the left buttom above the layer-panel.

Tipp: Remember what we did with the "Eraser-Tool" at the beginning? Painting your stripes, you gonna use the "brush-Tool" and you can do the same with it. To get a straight line, just click onto point, hold the mouse button, press Shift, leave the mouse button and click somewhere else while Shift is still pressed and you'll get a straight line between the first and the second spot.

When you done, it should look like this:

It still looks pretty static and 'unreal' though we decreased the stripe-layers opacity but that is going to change.

Step 4: Dirt and Damages

Now we come to the trickiest part. A clean and undamaged plane looks like as if it never been in true battle. That doesn't count for Shadow, so we will add some dirt and damages to make him look more dangerous and battle-tested.

First we create another layer, especially for the dirt and damages. Again we choose the "Brush-Tool" and we take the color black. The first part is simple, we move the courser over the spots where we want the damages and paint a few short black stripes and dots there.

Then we take the "Smudge-Tool". Set the size to a value matching your "Brush-Tool" size and set the Strength to about 60-70%. Then you carefully blurr and smudge it directed towards the tail. Don't make circular movements! To make it look more real you can add a few little grey spots into the black and carefully repeat the smudging process until you got something that looks like that:

Maybe it doesn't look like that right away but thats okay, you will get it with time and practice. So far we are almost done.

Step 5: The Shadowcon Insignia.

I took the Shadowcon logo from the Fan site and to make it look glowing red was simple. First I inverted it (that means black parts become white and the other way around) - you find that option under Image - Adjustments - Invert. Then you change the color-balance, you find it under Image - Adjustments - Color Balance. Move the Cyan/Red controller to the right (red).

That was it. Then you just change the size to fit onto Shadows rear wing and copy it into the image where you have Shadows Alt mode (A new layer will be generated automatically).

At the end it should look like this:

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photoshop tutorial
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