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 Echotrends Profile

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PostSubject: Echotrends Profile   Sun Mar 14, 2010 3:37 pm

Name: Echotrend
Faction: Autobot
Powerlevel: 2
Gender: Male
Height: 22 ft
Weight: 0,8 t
Alt-mode: small Cybertronian aircraft
Top-Speed: Mach 2

Strength: 7
Intelligence: 6
Speed: 8
Agility: 9
Endurance: 6
Rank: 8
Courage: 5
Fireblast: 0
Accuracy: 5
Melee: 8


In his natural state Echotrend is unarmed. He can use the weapons of those robots he imitates.


At the very beginning Echotrend was created with the purpose to patrol the outer perimeter at the beginning of the war. He was also supposed to be the aerial support in case the city state he was created in was under attack. No one ever knew something about his mutation and he lived a normal life. But Echotrend quickly realized that he wasn't a good fighter, he couldn't figure out why. For a long time he trained and tried to become better but his skills never exceeded a specified maximum. Echotrend couldn't understand that and a time after his training he resigned from his post as aerial support and patrol and withdrew himself into his home. He studied art and culture for a long time just because he was curious about how Cybertron was before the great war. While researching he one day found an announcement of a training facility promising success. Echotrend was bored from the lots of studying by now and decided to give it another try at a warrior academy and went of into the far south of Cybertron where this facility was located. Under the guidance of an old warrior who served as a Decepticon earlier but then lived as a neutral Echotrend trained hard for a lot of time.

The old Decepticon's past unfortunately caught up to him one day and the Decepticons destroyed the facility. This was Echotrends first opportunity to use what he has learned in a real fight. He fought against numerous Decepticons and he noticed that the training was good. But not good enough for him to hold on that long. At a point where was almost defeated and killed by his enemy one last rage fired up inside of him and he discovered his mutation, which he now used as a weapon. He transformed into the Decepticon he fought against and beat him with his own weapons. Echotrend kept fighting in this Decepticon body and then left the facility. While straying through the desert other Decepticons found him and mistook him for the Decepticon he copied. Echotrend went with the other Decepticons back to Kaon where he took the place of his copied Decepticon as gunner and warrior. But the life as a Decepticon was hard, permanent readiness, absolute obedience, acts of cruelty every day. Echotrend could not stand it for very long and left the Decepticons again. He changed back into his natural state to rejoin the Autobots.

After this incident the peace returned to Echotrends life and he withdrew once again to do some research in Cybertronian culture. Trying to forget many things he saw and did Echotrend realized that this copied Decepticon was still in his head somehow. After realizing this Echotrend went to a medical center and wanted his processor and his hard drive cleaned up but after a check they told him that everything was normal as it should be. Echotrend didn't know how to deal with it and continued to withdrew himself. He continued studying Cybertronian culture and found a myth about the ghost of a transformer who could take other Transformers shape to exist in the real world. Wondering if he was a similar phenomenon Echotrend decided to try this ability out, he grew more reckless thanks to the Decepticon characteristics that undermined his processor. Just out of curiosity Echotrend then copied an Autobot spy and started to slowly take over his life. He realized that he could take over almost anyones life. He accomplished a couple of missions for the Autobots and established relationships until he decided to copy another one. For a time he was in the Autobot high council literary cloaked as a high ranked Autobot but his deception failed as the real Autobot stepped in and Echotrend had a tough time to get out of there alive. He became a stray during the war, trusted by neither site since no one knew who he really was. In addition to that Echotrend had to fight psychological problems as well because every bot he copied stay within him even though he had abandoned the appearance.

During his straying around he copied a Decepticon patrol which he destroyed after copying him to avoid an incident like that to happen again. He took his place and no one noticed and Echotrend shared this Decepticons questionable perspective of loyalty and moral. This Decepticon was about to betray Megatron and Echotrend was treated with accordingly mistrust. At the end he betrayed Megatron as well since he saw what it meant to be a Decepticon, twice by now, and he didn't want to do this all over again. Staying in this Decepticons body Echotrend joined the Autobot resistance and fought alongside with them until he got to know a complete knew race of Cybertronians he has never seen before: The Shadowcons. During a battle between Shadowcons and Autobots Echotrend copied one of the Shadowcon warriors and tried to kill the original but had to find out that they were very tough. As the other Shadowcons of the group noticed the trouble they all turned on him and he had to retreat quickly before he got killed. Knowing about the fugitive who copied one of the Shadowcons the Fallen let Echotrend being hunt down. His loyal Shadowcons did as they were asked and captured him to put him into stasis. The Fallen tried to find out what gave him the possibility to copy transformers but never found it out. So Echotrend remained locked up in a stasis pod and was forgotten about.


With his laxly and careless character Echotrend often fails to consider the danger of a situation. He moves into something unknown without informing what he is up to what brings him into lots of trouble at times. Thanks to his ability he considers himself as invincible and all-mighty what also effects his way to treat others. Even though he is friendly he has a hint of arrogance in his words. Echotrend mostly cares for his own amusement only, he only completes a mission when he has fun doing it. Some would describe him as sloppy but actually he is very neat and does everything to perfection, what he really lacks is the endurance to bring something to its end. But he can see through the most deceptions what he needs in his kind of business.

When he has his peace he likes art and often researches the culture of the Cybertronian before the war. Deep in his spark Echotrend is very quiet and peaceful only in a stressful environment he tends to heat up and become hectic. Once he is alone he is very thoughtful and sensitive even though he would never admit it in front of others. Actually he is overplaing his sensibility and his calm thoughtful site because he sees it as his weakness. So he wants to make everyone believe that he is a hyperventilating freak what most times even succeeds.

He can not use his special ability in areas effected by radioactive fallout as well as in areas with high radioactive radiation. A slight form of multiple identity disorder also compromises sometimes his functionality. Besides that he shares the weaknesses of the robot he has copied.

Special Abilities:
Almost every Transformer has the ability to scan a vehicle or any other mechanical device and transform into it thanks to their Cybertronian nature. Echotrends ability to transform mutated and since that he has the ability to 'copy' other transformers and their transformation modes up into the smallest detail. This goes so far that he even overtakes several of the characteristics of the transformer he transforms into. Also a few fragmental memories and feelings are being transfered when he uses this ability. He also gains this transformers weapons and special abilities and is capable of holding this form as long as he likes. The transformer's alternative mode is also copied with all its abilities, strengths and weaknesses as well as the robot mode. He can also change from one copied transformer into another one without changing back into his natural state between the changes.
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Echotrends Profile
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