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Name: Solidstrike
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PostSubject: MSN RP   Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:48 pm

With a sudden and abrupt movement Solidstrike turned away from her and walked a few steps away. Then he turned only his side to her. He was thinking... Was this some kind of diversion? He kept his optics open for any sudden attack from any direction... All the time he could perform without a flaw and now.. This one femme was about to destroy his carrer? Why? How? Was it her or was it himself? The first time in his life Solidstrike felt helpless... He should kill Myrren, why couldn't he, was it compassion? That was an Autobot term, he hasn't been equipped with it. He growled while thinking, his processor hurt and his face showed his tension. A few seconds later he looked up into the sky silently asking the forces he believed in for guidance.
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