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 RP Post from LA

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PostSubject: RP Post from LA   Sun Jul 04, 2010 3:14 pm

Almost forgotten about the other incidences Solidstrike dashed into the scene with his head clear for the upcoming battle. He saw Barricade dragging the incapacitated Bumblebee towards Megatron and he saw Soundwave attacking Prowl. He also saw two humans stand near by, he knew these ones.. He saw them before, no, no humans.. technorganics.. Or something like this... He remembered meeting them in the park where Warhead was severely wounded by Nightshade. They were brave hanging around here...

Solidstrike also clearly recognized the signatures of the combiner-Decepticons - now in their separated condition... He already witness that monstrosity of a Transformer in Area 51, levelling that human base to the ground. He should have brought Slicewing along... But could he know? Shockwave was also around, Solidstrike already got personally acquainted to this one.. But perhaps.. Solidstrike should see that he gets the head of this beast cut off: Megatron. He was leading this operation and Decepticons were rather unorganized, every Decepticon was driven by the will of ruling himself deep within his spark. And without a leader their infrastructure threatened to collapse.

"Armorbullet, Target Megatron!"

Solidstrikes voice boomed through the comm link he just established to Armorbullet. Then the former Shadowcon transformed and leapt off the ground. Out of his right arm emerged his plasma rifle, set on semi-automatic. With this maneuver Solidstrike jumped over the fighting Soundwave and Prowl, still flying quickly forward thanks to the speed he was driving with before transformation. The battle visor emerged in front of Solidstrikes optics and showed him the environment with all battle relevant datas. He quickly got a lock-on onto Megatrons signature and targeted his energon core. Three shots of heated plasma in form of car wheel sized drops left the rifles muzzle and dashed forward - hunting for their target.

Flying high above Armorbullet could already see the chaos of the fight. He saw the same what Solidstrike saw, Soundwave fighting Prowl and Barricade dragging Bumblebee. The Autobots were clearly outnumbered at this site, time for great hero deeds! Solidstrikes comm-link reached the young but passionate air fighter and he made a roll sideways and headed towards Megatron.

"Gotcha, Prepare for some fireworks, YAY!"

His twin turbofans roared as he increased speed and his ailerons flapped from side to side as he adjusted his flight path precisely. He saw Solidstrike transforming and jumping over Soundwave and Prowl as if these two were only little obstacles in a show-jumping course. He saw the green plasma bolts hunting towards Megatron whose attention was still directed towards Barricade and Bumblebee. Armorbullets brand new targeting system locked onto Megatrons shape as he prepared the launch of a set of his air-to-surface missiles.

"Finally... I don't have to dream about it.. I can do it..."

He muttered to himself waiting for the cross hairs to turn read, signalizing him that the missiles have found their target. It took only matter of seconds and then it turned red. As soon as it did Armorbullet deployed three missiles dashing towards Megatron followed by white contrails.

"Hehe! YAY!"

In order not to crash into Megatron himself, since he was pretty close already, Armorbullet caused his ailerons to flap upwards again and his alt-mode, being a green A10 Thunderbolt II with blue flames painted on its nose, hunted upwards as well dashing above the battle scenery.
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RP Post from LA
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