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PostSubject: ROADBREAKER   Sun Oct 03, 2010 4:09 am

Name: Roadbreaker

Cybertronian Artellery Tank
Panzerhaubitze 2000

Size: 37 ft
Weight: 55 t

Strength: 8
Intelligence: 7
Speed: 4
Endurance: 10
Rank: 7
Courage: 6
Fire blast: 9


He is very convinced of himself and he barely listens to anyone. Always preferring to do things his own way he does disobey direct orders every now and then. That drives his superiors crazy though he is a capable warrior. Mostly operating on his and without teamwork he is an outsider off the battle field as well. Due to his roughness it is hard for him to make friends. Most mechas are scared of his directness and battle hardened attitude. Only if one gets passed his hard outer shell one can enjoy a kind and caring being who would sacrifice himself without a second thought.


Appearing calm at the surface he tends to enormous emotional erruptions in battle or discussions. His Megalomanie makes him think of himself as the biggest and the strongest who is always right. Though he has a kind personality and tries to help his team mates no matter if they ask for it or not. His way to force his help upon to others is often rather annoying. Due to that most mechas keep distance from him and he is mostly alone. Because of his social isolation he also developed some 'odd' habbits such as snorting or stomping as a sign of dislike. He does not care for what others think about him.

A seasoned combatant:

Before the war Roadbreaker was created as one of the guards of the Primes. Due to that he was equipped with most sophisticated artillery weapons and heavy armor. His cybertronian armor was forged out of an alloy of Cybertronium and Energon-fired metal. It gives the armor electrical conducting properties and most energy weapon charges have less to no effects. None-energy weapons, like swords, knifes, throwing stars and projectile weapons, mostly don't have even the slightest chance to get through the armor. An attacker has only the chance to use the gaps between the armor plates and hope to damage some inner systems during close combat.

His weapon systems are just as sophisticated as his armor. His main weapon is an artillery gun mounted on his rotatable tower in tank-mode and mounted on his right shoulder in robot mode. It fires a charge of ionized high-pressured plasma with a range of about 40 kilometers. His secondary weapon is a particle machine gun firing up to sixty rounds per second in full-auto mode. In semi-auto mode it can be used as a long-range weapon with a range of over 60 kilometers and good precision. The weapon rests next to the tower in tank-mode and is mounted on his left upper arm in robot-mode.

His Earth alt-mode, the Panzerhaubitze 2000, is not less armed. Being one of the most modern artillery of Cybertronian warfare of course he chose an equal system from Earth. The German artillery tank also carries some of the most powerful combat technology available in the year 2010. His main weapon in the tank-mode is a 155mm Rheinmetall Artillery gun and his secondary weapon converted to a 7.62mm machine gun. By taking the Panzerhaubitze 2000 as his Earth alt-mode Roadbreakers rate of fire was significantly improved since that is what makes the Earth tank so special. Though he experienced a cutback in speed and armor endurance.

Even without weapons Roadbreaker is an intimidating opponent not just because of his size and weight. Though he is big and heavy he can move remarkable fast but still has a weakness against smaller and lighter enemies. One of the Primes taught him an ancient fighting skills which he partly forgot over the ages. Despite his rather rusty memory banks he can still make use of what he still remembers and overpower a less skilled warrior easily without using heavy armory. With his experience and a few tricks in store he became a seasoned combatant.


Though Roadbreaker is a skilled warrior he lacks of strategical knowledge. His 'plans' are often only half-hearted and not fully thought through. He also does not evaluate a situation or an enemy before attacking due to his Megalomania he thinks he is up to everything. Nuclear-weapons are another weakness of him, his armor protects him from almost any energized or non-energized weapon but it can't shield him from radiation or EMP-bursts.
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