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 Slicewings Profile

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Character sheet
Name: Solidstrike
Faction: Shadowcon
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PostSubject: Slicewings Profile   Mon Dec 14, 2009 4:39 pm

Name: Slicewing
Faction: Autobot
Powerlevel: 5+
Gender: Male
Height: 42 ft, 13m
Weight: 29 metric tons
Alt-mode: Eurocopter Tiger
Top-Speed: 155 mp/h (180 mp/h in helicopter mode)

Strength: 10
Intelligence: 9
Speed: 7
Agility: 6
Endurance: 10
Rank: 5
Courage: 9
Fireblast: 10
Accuracy: 8
Melee: 7


- His right arm can be transformed into a weapons pod containing different types of missiles.
- 8 Hellfire AGM 114 laser guided missiles
- 2 mistral air-to-air missiles
- 12 68mm unguided SNEB missiles
- In his right arm is an integrated machine cannon he can pull out firing 20mm rounds
- His chest contains a powerful laser cannon
- His left arm can be transformed into an Ion blaster
- His left arms’ Ion blaster can also shoot an EMP-bolt to stun an enemy
- Integrated in his left shoulder is a GIAT 30 machine cannon firing 30mm rounds


At the very beginning the Cybertronians among the cities were aware that there could come a time when they are in need of protection and a safeguard. Only a few Cybertronians with high technological knowledge were chosen to create a protective system unlike any others. This system was supposed to come to life when all else failed. They were kept top secret and eventually they were almost completely forgotten. A war never came up and no extraterrestrial threat approached Cybertron. Those systems rested in peace and were never been used and when the civil war started and Iacon needed this system... No one knew about its existence. Later in the war, when Iacon was bombed down and ruined some very old protocols and descriptions has been found about this system. A few Autobots went out to search for it in the ruins and it took them a long time until they finally found what they were after: The guardian robot of Iacon.

After Slicewing has been awakened he was reluctant to obey Solidstrikes order because he was unsure if he was really an Autobot. He moved out on his own and a look at the world surrounding him. He quickly found interest in science and mechanics. In all the ruins of the cities he found many spare parts he could use to build own creation and to upgrade his own body. He spent a lot of time keeping himself out of war until the war finally reached him as well. A group of Decepticon seekers recognized him as the Autobots guardian robot and attacked him. It came to a battle Slicewing won and two of five seekers retreated heavily damaged. Slicewing picked the three seekers he destroyed up and used their missiles and their guidance systems to upgrade his weaponry. Though he was heavily armed and well protected by his force field he never enjoyed either fighting or killing. He prefered to keep himself out of war even if that wasn't always possible. The two seekers that could escape reported this incident to their superiors immediately and the Decepticons saw a possibility to turn him against the Autobots. Misguided by false information Slicewing grew mad, felt himself betrayed and abandoned, and eventually attacked some of the last Autobot resistances. Driven by revenge most of them had no other choice than to flee and when Slicewings blood thirst was gone he returned to his ruin he called his home. He spent again lot of time with researching on different kinds of metal and alloys and reinforced his armor. But being lonely didn't become him and he lost his capability to interact with other robots.

When he then met Solidstrike again after a long time he reacted aggressive though it wasn't his nature. It took a lot of time to win his trust but Solidstrike eventually made it. Slicewing followed him to an Autobot stronghold and resided there as the Autobots scientist and medic. Many saw his talents as a warrior wasted but Slicewing insisted not to be assigned to a battle troop. He wanted a quite corner where he could continue his research and that he finally found. He also treated damaged robots and put them back together, so he learned a great deal about how they functioned. One day Solidstrike returned from a mission heavily damaged and nearly in stasis lock. Slicewing managed to fix the critical parts but his unique architecture due to his Shadowcon origin made Slicewing fail on exactly those components. He spent a lot of time examining and studying the Shadowcon special abilities such as cloaking and warping but he wasn't able to duplicate this technology and build it into other robots neither to repair this abilities on Solidstrike. Solidstrike and Slicewing spent a lot of time together and got to know each other and Solidstrike gave Slicewing his name and encouraged him to use his power to defend the stronghold they were living in. Later Solidstrike left and Slicewing was rather alone again. He continued researching other stuff and building little gadgets he assumed to become useful one day But he also appeared on the front lines when enemy units made it this far and it came to a fight. The stronghold was nearly unbreakable after Slicewing decided to protect it. He collected some fighting experiences but he also saw that the war wasn't quite his element. He was glad every time when he could return to his research. One day he got word from his old friend Solidstrike to leave Cybertron and make his way to another planet. Reluctant to leave Cybertron Slicewing first refused but then decided to follow his friend anyways.

Due to a malfunction in his system he lost his consciousness on his travel to Earth and crash landed in Roth in Germany. The local military brought him to a research facility within the base and several scientists tried to find out what he was, for them he was a meteor but they quickly noticed that he wasn't of natural origin because of the form and the symbols. Slicewing was in a sleeping state for months until an accident with a super magnet awoke him. He transformed and the the humans attacked him out of fear and despair. When Slicewing stomped through the base he found a number of attack helicopters. Since he had to get over a great distance he saw it fitting to take a vehicle that could fly. So he 'squeezed' himself in the rather small attack helicopter 'Tiger' and adapted all its weaponry. Then he fled from the military base without looking around any further. He managed to track the homing signal Solidstrike sent and made his way to Montana.

Slicewings body is controlled by a calm peace-loving character. He doesn't talk much due to a long period of isolation in his lifetime where his speech abilities suffered. He prefers to remain in the background in almost all situation because he is uncomfortable with being stared at and when everyone expects him to do great things. He despises war but he accepts violence as a justified meaning to protect himself or others. It is almost impossible to enrage him due to his calmness but even if one succeeds to enrage him he remains in full control of himself. He never over reacts. It's also pretty hard to argue with him because he rather stops caring instead of confronting others with his opinion. Sometimes Slicewing gets lazy and refuses to show up when a mission has to start but once he started something he pulls it through to its end.

Sometimes he gets afraid in the fight and retreats without fulfilling his purpose. It is easy to overstrain him by attacking rapidly from different directions or in great numbers. His chameleon-eyes allow him to see almost 360 degree around himself but when he focused on one enemy, what is necessary to attack, he has a tunnel vision and sees nothing from the sites. On the ground he is rather bearish and inflexible. His force field can’t hold physical attacks.

Special Abilities:
Slicewing is capable to erect a force field around his body to protect himself against energy- and projectile-weapons. The force field reacts to energy and velocity. Slicewing is able absorb another transformers spark and store it within his chest under his laser cannon. He can use the spark to revive another transformer or to restore his own power. Slicewing can fly even if not fast or maneuverable.
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Slicewings Profile
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