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 Blockades Profile

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PostSubject: Blockades Profile   Fri Nov 26, 2010 1:13 pm

Name: Blockade
Faction: Decepticon
Powerlevel: 4
Gender: Male
Height: 25 ft
Weight: 15 t
Alt-mode: AMZ Żubr
Top-Speed: 100 Km/H

Strength: 9
Intelligence: 7
Speed: 5
Agility: 5
Endurance: 9
Rank: 4
Courage: 5
Fireblast: 8
Accuracy: 7
Melee: 10

One Machine gun mounted on his shoulder or on his vehicle-modes roof.

There is merely anything known about Blockades past. He served as a loyal defender for Cybertron under the command of Lord Highprotector megatron even though he never played a very important role. He disappeared shortly after the war broke out and was declared dead later.

Blockade is explosive and short-tempered in battle but he is cold and calculating outside of it. He does not care for others, only for himself and his own good. Blockade hates being denied a battle or anything else he wants but loves harvesting the recognition of his victory for what he almost does anything.

Blockade is not very educated and has less knowledge about physics and chemic. He does not know much about computers either even though he can operate them.

Special Abilities:
His armor has a certain shape to weaken the effect of energy blasts. He also has close combat fighting skills which allow him to dampen incoming attacks.
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Blockades Profile
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