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 Scimitar Canon Profile

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PostSubject: Scimitar Canon Profile   Thu Jun 02, 2011 3:14 pm

Canon Profile:

Faction: Nightstalker
Alt-mode: B-2 Spirit
Top-Speed: 630 mph


Two slightly curved sabers

In Alt-Mode Scimitar carries the following weapons:

-2 internal bays for 50,000 lb (23,000 kg) of ordnance.
-80× 500 lb class bombs (Mk-82) mounted on Bomb Rack Assembly (BRA)
-36× 750 lb CBU class bombs on BRA
-16× 2000 lb class weapons (Mk-84, JDAM-84, JDAM-102) mounted on Rotary Launcher Assembly (RLA)
-16× B61 or B83 nuclear weapons on RLA

They cannot be used in robot-mode.


Special Qualifications:

Seasoned sword warrior
Mecha Surgeon


With his friendly and caring nature Scimitar is always liked being around. He enjoys the company of others and others most times enjoy his as well. Though he sometimes tends to talk too much but he still knows how to keep a secret. If it comes to him talking too much a simple 'nudge' suffices to make him be silent. Scimitar always cares a lot about his comrades and always offers a friendly audio if anyone of his friends has a problem. When it comes to work in a group Scimitar is very cooperative and always asks for the opinion of others. He barely does anything completely alone unless he has the feeling that his comrades are for some reason not able to work along with him. He is also very obediant. Once given an order Scimitar will accomplish it or die trying. He never lets his superior down.

As reliable he is as ruthles he is in battle. As much he cares about his comrades as less he cares about his enemies. When he is in battle he seems to lose his friendly side and works only with the goal to be as efficient as possible. Some say that he can switch off his emotions and actually he literally does. He wouldn't allow anyone or anything to compromise his performance. He is a perfectionalist and never stops working on getting better.

Special Abilities:

Thanks to his Earth alt-mode he can interfere with radar systems and disappear from sensors. He is also able to reduce his visibility in the infrared, visual, audio and radio frequency spectrum. At the time being Scimitar is the only one who can carry large air-to-surface weaponry under his stealth.

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Scimitar Canon Profile
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