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Character sheet
Name: Solidstrike
Faction: Shadowcon
Alternative Mode: Nissan GTR 2009

PostSubject: Commission   Tue Jul 05, 2011 6:47 am

Name: Metal Claw/Solidstrike
Faction: Shadowcon
Powerlevel: 3
Gender: Male
Height: 7,6 m / 25 ft
Weight: 1,7 t
Alt-mode: Nissan GTR 2009
Top-Speed: 193 mp/h (311 Km/H)

Motto: "If no night follows the day, there wouldn't be another day."

Strength: 7
Intelligence: 10
Speed: 8
Agility: 9
Endurance: 7
Courage: 9
Fireblast: 8
Accuracy: 10
Melee: 7

He has a cybertronian plasma combat rifle with automatic search sensor, semi- and full-automatic modus.

-The Rifle is part of his right arm. When he intends to use it it kind of transforms from out of his right arm armor and arm parts thogh it is barely visible when it is not -engaged and resting in his arm.

Besides that he has two swords – one mounted on each arm – built of cybertronium, retractable and deadly.

-The swords, too, can not be seen if not outside. Firmly implented in his arms they do reinforce the arm armor.

Later Slicewing built Warheads anti-aircraft cannon onto Solidstrikes back. Now he also has a retractable double barrel particle cannon mounted right under his shoulders on his back.

- If not in use the double barrel cannon lies flat on his back resting between his car part armor on his back. When the cannon comes to be use the two barrels srping upwards over his shoulders.


In general Solidstrikes body has the basic shape of a werewolf which allows him to move fast even if not in alt-mode. If all else fails or he need an extra of speed and agility he can run on all fours as well. Though he is usually upright standing and walking.

His head looks wolflike and has two long 'ears' pointing slightly backwards. His head has a few smaller spikes at its side and on his forehead .

Head concept done by a friend of mine who has invented tHE Shadowcons and works on them ever since.


A firm cage of thick rips protects his spark chamber which glow can be seen.

Alt mode:

His altmode is the Nissan GT-R R35. Chassis parts of that car are acting as additional armor and are spread all over his body. The cars' front mostly making up his chest part.


Solidstrikes loyalty is one of the strongest characteristics. He is loyal to the death to those who are loyal and honest to him. He would do everything for those loved ones and trusts them in every matter. But once this person is disloyal to him or breaks his trust, he will never fully earn it again. Solidstrike is 100% reliable and alway sticks to his word and his agreements. He would never let one of his friends down and does everything in order to help them. A great deal of compassion is also one strong characteristic what Solidstrike rather sees as a disadvantage and sometimes even as a weakness. In a battle he fights ruthless and without mercy but once his opponent is beaten he hesitates to give him the mortal shot because of his compassion even for his enemies. There were situations he curses himself for this feeling. It sometimes makes him miss some good chances in combat but it also gives him a distinctive sense of right and wrong and lets him decide to advantage of the weak. It also adds a great deal of fairness to his characteristics. From his point of view everything should be balanced and everyone should get the fair share of what is entitled to him.

What Solidstrike lacks of is flexibility. He dispise sudden changes of his plans and reacts rather stiff. Sticking to the phrase "Never touch a running system" he avoids making vital changes to a situation and rather tries to fix problems than to eliminate them by more drastic actions. He needs time to adjust himself to a new situation, to analyze it and to find a solution for the possible problems. When he has that time everything is alright but if he hasn't, in a combat situation for example, he tends to make mistakes. Situations he didn't get the chance to think about also make him hesitating and let good chances pass away. He is sometimes to careful than to storm into the unknown. There are times and situations Solidstrike wishes he wasn't such a poor diplomat. Words and speeches are absolutely not his thing especially spontaneous ones. He also can't negotiate or convince others. Besides that he has a talent to choose the wrong words at the moment and appears to be brash at times what caused him some trouble already. He only makes the necessary announcements and answers questions if necessary and he knows that many opportunities are lying in negotiations but he prefers to leave that to someone else. Another less pleasant attribute is his stubbornness. Once he sat something in his mind he works like hell to put it through. This can be an advantage but if he is mistaken it could also be a disadvantage. Solidstrike hates to back down from something or to retreat from a battle.

His impatience is his greatest weakness. If he has the opinion to be ready he wants to go and don’t want to loose anymore time. He’s also incapable of making quick decisions, especially in battle when everything’s moving fast he tends to make mistakes or he’s reluctant and misses a good chance to act.
A technical disadvantage is the fact that Solidstrikes power structure is not designed for powering the cannon on his back. Resulting from that the cannon is rather weak when he is not combined with his partner Warhead. When Solidstrike is combined with Warhead he feels Warheads pain like his own.

Special Abilities:
Equipped with a combat visor installed in front of his optics he’s able to optically see and track all known kinds of energy signatures and to lock on to them. Paired with the search sensor of his rifle it’s almost impossible to miss the target. The visor also enables night vision and functions to scan a target. Even the mostly common cloaking devices can be detected as well as the Shadowcon cloaking signatures.
He can combine with Warhead and forms the battle platform underneath Warheads jet mode. When their sparks are combined Solidstrike cannon becomes very powerful since Warhead supports additional power for it.
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