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 Scimitars Profile

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PostSubject: Scimitars Profile   Fri Dec 16, 2011 4:35 am

Name: Scimitar
Origin: Dynobot
Powerlevel: 3
Gender: Male
Height: 28ft
Weight: 1,9 tons
Alt-mode: Helicopter Bell 222
Top-Speed: 149 mp/h (240 Km/h) / Top Speed of Mach 2.5 with short-range Thrusters


Strength: 6
Intelligence: 9
Speed: 5
Agility: 8
Endurance: 7
Rank: 8
Courage: 10
Fireblast: 5
Accuracy: 7
Melee: 9

His rotor blades form a double-sided battle blade which can be used as a weapon and as a tool on many occasions. It can also be folded together to form a semi-bladed sword-like weapon. His tail blades can form a long bladed dagger.

The time turned Scimitar into a logician first grade. He thinks a lot, talks less and rather listens in order to collect the information he needs. He does admire Shockwave for his logical coldness, for his computing and calculating abilities. The only thing he despises about him is the way he uses his abilities. When it comes to analyze and evaluate a situation Scimitar tents to take a leaf out of Shockwaves book. Often he tries to be just as cold an untouched as his Decepticon counter part. With the one and only crucial difference that Scimitar uses his abilities and strength to gain peace not chaos.

With his thoughtful characteristics Scimitar is accordingly quiet and calm. He prefers to stay in the background during great discussions, he collects everyones opinion and then tries to find a common base, a solution good for everyone. He is very friendly and always tries to choose his words wise. Though due to him listening a lot to others he sometimes things he knows everything and sounds educational when responding to someones problems. It takes time for him to realize that he sometimes affront people with that kind of attitude but most times he apologizes for it soon later.

When the first Dynasty of Primes were ruling on Cybertron under the lead of Leonicus they saw darker times coming and implemented a guard force for their protection: The Dynbots. Grimlock led the Dynobots and protected the Dynasty of the Primes mostly against alien invaders. Later a second devision of Dynobots was assembled, this second devision was led by Scimitar. The Dynasty of Primes one day retired and gave way to a new generation of Primes to rule Cybertron. Though the Primes have changed the cause of the Dynobots didn't and the two Dynobot devisions fought alongside each other during the upcoming war.

As the Cybertronian war began, mostly triggered by Megatron and Optimus Prime, Scimitar had to lead his devision against other Cybertronians for the first time. During the uprise of the Decepticons and Autobots the battles became more and more violent. Protecting the Primes became a harder task since the dangers now came from within their own ranks, specially when they were betrayed by one of their own. Many of the Dynobots died trying to protect the Primes from the Fallen, how he was called after his betrayal, and eventually only a very few were left.

Scimitar joined the ranks of the Autobot rebells during the war. As a seasoned sword fighter he helped win many skirmishes for them. He also became a close friend with Warhead, who was in his devision as a Dynobot but their ways got parted eventually. As he heard Optimus call to come to Earth he was undecided at first but followed. During the travel to Earth something went wrong and he lost consciousness during the flight. He continued to travel through space in a nearly dead condition but towards Earth, where his Autobot and former Dynobot friends are located at the present.

Being a poor gun fighter Scimitar has not much chance on the distance. He has basic knowledge about how to handle a pistole or a rifle but he is not a skilled shooter. He also isn't a good bargainer or diplomat. He lets others do the talking.

Special Abilities:
He has one short-range thruster which allows him to travel at a speed of Mach 2.5 for a short time of about a couple of minutes before it burns out and needs to be recharged. His long-range thruster allows a maximum speed of 950 mp/h (1500 km/h) and lasts a few hours before it burns out.
Scimitar has the ability to absorb kenetic or energetic energy and save it for a short time. He can charge it into his blade and use the momentum of the swing to catapult it at a target of his choice.

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Scimitars Profile
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