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 Atlantis base

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PostSubject: Atlantis base   Fri Dec 16, 2011 10:02 am

The Queen

The Queen dove deeper through the ocean. She could sense something down there, and she wanted to investigate. Locus was cradled in her hands, protecting him from the pressures down here.

Down here, there was no light. Luminous fish swam around, oblivious to the large beast in their midst as she blended in perfectly. The Queen twisted around and landed on the ocean floor. She looked around, scratching the ground with her fot. There. She struck metal. Yes, there was something buried under the ocean floor. She began making her way along the metal edge, looking for a way in.

The Queen

The Queen found a hatch. Carefully, she forced it open and ducked in. The airlock isntantly sealed itself and she looked about. They appeared to be in a large cargo bay. She opened her hands and released Locus. the two Predacons looked about.

"Those symbols are Cybertronian. This must be a vessel from Cybertron. Which means we can use it. Move through the ship and find out what is here."


Locus's mandibles clicked as he spoke.

"Yes my Queen."

He moved out of the cargo bay. The corridor beyond was dark, empty. There was no sign of life anywhere. He moed over to a control panel and pushed some of the buttons. Nothing.

"I would be surprised if this place has any power. And the amount of sediment built up around the outside, it must have been here for centuries at least."

He looked back towards the cargo bay, and decided there was no point in backtracking. He started walking deeper into the ship.

There were still no bodies. There didn't seem to be any battle damage. What had caused them to abandon this ship? What had happened here? Locus didn't know, but he wanted to.

'Hmmmm. There's two places most likely to get power back. Bridge and Engineering. Engineering would be best."

Not having any idea where Engineering was, he just started walking deeper into the vessel.

The Queen

The Queen looked about the cargo hold. It was an impressive size. Although it didn't dwarf her, it still gave her enough room to move. Unfortunatly, the doors into the corridor didn't. She moved around the bay, gracefully running her fingers over the surfaces, taking it all in. This was an old ship. Ancient. Why had it come here? What was it doing? She would find out.

She glided over to the edge, running her hands over an embossed glyph. No, not a glyph. An Autobot symbol. So, this was an Autobot ship? That means it wouldn't be built for war. But underneath it was somethinng else. A line in the panels. She bobbed about, looking at the wall. Pressing her hand flat against it, she pushed. With a hiss, the wall moved in slightly before sliding open to reveal a large corridor heading deeper into the ship. She crouched down, peering in. There looked to be a conveyor belt along the floor, with claws running along the roof. Obviously it was meant for moving large cargo from this bay deeper into the ship.

She cast a quick glance back. Locus was moving into the ship. Good. Turning back to the tunnel, she started crawling through it.


Locus followed the corridor to a set of doors. The corridor just seemed to end with them, so he carefully pushed his fingers between the seam and started to push them apart. With a grunt from the effort, he finally opened them. He leaned forward and peered in. It was a long shaft that ran vertically. Probably a lift shaft of some kind. He could either go up or down. The bridge would most likely be up near the top of the bridge with Engineering down near the bottom. That was how ships usually got built. Since he decided to go to Engineering, he looked for something to grab onto. A ladder would be best, but he couldn’t see one. Shrugging, he transformed into his Locust mode and jumped into the shaft, using his wings to control his descent.

The Queen

The Queen finally reached the end of the conveyor belt. Before her lay another large room bathed in darkness. She curled her lip as she looked about, letting her eyes adjust to the darkness. There was not much in the way of equipment. The odd Grav Platform. That was it. But this chamber was much larger than the previous one. The Queen moved into the darkness, running her hands over every surface to get a feel for it. Yes, deep in the ship, large, spacious... this would make an ideal Throne Room. She looked around for any other points of entry.


Eventually, he found himself in a two tier room, the upper floor more like walkways around the outer edge with a gap in the middle, allowing those on the ground to see and talk with anyone up there. The main engine of the ship sat towards the rear of the room, large pylons carrying what must be the exhaust plasma to the outer thrusters. Of course, it carried nothing now. The engine was offline, along with the numerous consoles that littered the room. He moved to the closest one and tapped at the controls. As he expected nothing happened. No power. Locus looked through Engineering, searching for an equipment locker. Finding one near a ladder that went towards the upper level, he tossed out the tools until he found a palm sized oval shaped box. Turning it over in his hands, he determined it had enough. He went back to the console and placed the portable power pack onto he console. The device beeped, the light started flashing to indicate it was feeding power. Locus checked the energy reading. It was almost spent. He would have to work quick. He pulled out his own recorder and connected it to a computer port. His fingers danced over the console as he transferred the ship logs into his own device.

The Queen

The Queen had found a smaller set of doors leading out into the corridors, but no more entrances she could use. She waited for any word from Locus. Eventually, her comm went off, the voice of Locus coming through.

“Royalty. I have uploaded the logs and datafiles of this ship to my hard drive. I am bringing it to your location.”

“Excellent. You have served well Locus. I wait for you here.”

The Queen kept looking around, waiting for Locus to arrive.


Locus walked to what was designated Cargo Storage. Opening the doors, he saw his Royalty waiting inside. He walked up to her and presented his hard drive. The Queen took the device and carefully activated it, a feat many would consider impossible given the size of her fingers.

“Do you know how much of this ship is salvageable?”

“I quickly scanned the ship when I retrieved the logs. It appears to be structurally intact. There are power reserves waiting to be activated, it’s as though they were simply switched off. Circuit diagrams indicate power needs to be reactivated from the Bridge.”

The Queen waved a hand.

“Then go there and power up this vessel. There appears to be no one here, and no reason for its abandonment. We shall claim it for the Predacons.”

Locus bowed before turning and leaving the room, heading towards the Bridge.

The Queen

The Queen started going through the data logs with great interest. They transcribed how the Atlantis was a colony ship that left Cybertron sometime during the war, full of civilians. It was their intention to settle on a new world and create a new Cybertron. They landed on a world and settled, with the Atlantis keeping a vigil watch for any Decepticons. Shortly after they settled, a Decepticon ship had tracked them down and surprised them. With only a skeleton crew and taken by surprise, the ship was left adrift. It obviously crashed on this planet.

The Queen looked up. So. A colony ship. That had left its crew on the planet. That meant no one would come looking for it. And no one would mind if they claimed it.

Locus found his way to the bridge. He quickly looked around at the large open area, the consoles all facing towards a large screen that showed only the rock that encased the vessel. It’s not often you have a chance to see rock from the inside like this. There didn’t seem to be any central Captain chair. How odd. How would they know where the captain was? Locus inspected each of the consoles until he found one for Engineering.

He started working the controls. There was enough residual charge to work the station. Locus’s mandibles either side of his mouth started clicking as he worked.

The Queen

The Queen finished with the ship logs. The skeleton crew had made it off the ship during the ambush, so the Decepticons had not actually boarded. That was fortunate, as it would mean the ship interior was intact. The lights flickered, prompting the Queen to look up. Locus had obviously managed to restore power. She went back to the logs. There was a crew roster. Skipping over that, she went to a ship schematic. There, located somewhere in the bowels of the ship were a couple of science labs specifically listed as to help the crew adapt to their new planet. This got the Queen thinking.

Her insect children were fine for aerial assault and for swarming, but they didn’t have much adaptability to varying terrain. And this would be a problem, as the genetic memory imprint from the Insecticons told her Cybertron did not have much of a variable landscape, so they would be alright there. But here on Earth, there was a vast difference. Oceans, mountains, deserts, so many different environments. Her children would not be suitable for all. But this world did have a wide difference in animals, that were adapted to those environments. If she were to give her children access to these animals as their alternate forms, they would become much better suited to so many different stratagies in so many different environments. She searched her genetic memory for anyone who may be able to attempt such a procedure, One came to mind. Shockwave.

She opened a comm to Locus.

“Find me the Decepticon Shockwave.”


Locus received the comm from his Queen. He typed in some commands and felt the vibration in the deck indicating the main power source was once more active. Lights and consoles powered up throughout the ship.

“Now to find this Shockwave.”

He searched through the ship’s database for him, finally coming across a match.

“I remember seeing reports that someone matching this mech was in Russia not too long ago. He must be around this planet somewhere.”

He opened a general planetwide comm, which would include any orbiting ships, and broadcast his hail.

“This is Lieutenant Locus of the Predacons. My Queen seeks an audience with Shockwave. Respond on this channel.”

He then waited to see if anyone would reply.

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Locus closed the comm to Shockwave and opened one to the Queen.

"Royalty. Shockwave is heading to our Island. I will remain here and prepare this ship for full use."

The Queen


The Queen turned and started heading back along the conveyor belt.

"Abandon the island and have everyone board this vessel. We will use this as our base now."

Arriving in the first cargo bay, The Queen moved through the airlock and out into the water. She pushed off the hull of the ship and swam quickly towards their island base.


The Predacons carried the containers and supplies down to where Locus had instructed them. They entered the ship and began restoring it to power, sealing any hull breaches, and making it into a flightworthy base.

The Queen

The body of the Queen came down, her body on fire from the heat of atmospheric re-entry. But still, she made no sound, simply looked at the ocean ahead, shielding Draft Spur in her hands.

She impacted the water with a poweful crash, sending waves up and out, a plume of steam hissing into the air as her body cooled. She swam straight down, her Predacon flyers diving down with her, down until the sea turned dark, down into teh crushing pressures of the deep, down to the lights on the ocean floor.

'Good. It looks like my children have restored the ship to operational status in my absence.'

The Queen landed on the floor and entered the airlock. Once it had pressurised and opened into the cargo bay, the Queen and her entourage entered, dripping puddles onto the floor. She gently knelt down and opened her hands, letting Draft Spur get his bearing and jump off.

"Welcome to our home. Welcome to the Atlantis. My children, welcome Draft Spur. The first of our new kind."

The Predacons in the cargo bay, mostly in robot mode, but some in their insect mode, gathered around to greet Draft.


With the ship come to life, Locus left the bridge and made his way down to where the Queen was. He saluted Draft Spur, then turned to the Queen.

"I see it was a success."

"Not fully. They performed most of the procedure, but were unable to grasp the fact our CNA and DNA are one and the same. They treated them like two different substances. They also deemed that taking on the alt mode of a creature that does not normally come from an egg results in these gaps."

Locus scoffed.

"Idiots. We truly are the superior generation. The labs have been set up, we can easily rectify their mistakes."

Draft Spur

Kneeling and almost fully curled Draft Spur trusted and depended on the Queen getting him safely to their hide-out, their home. His Predacon nature allowed him to withstand the changed of pressure and temperature as they left the space craft, entered the planets' atmosphere and eventually dived down into the ocean who knows how deep. Eventually, in somekind of airlock, a 'normal' pressure was restored and the Queen carefully released Draft Spure from her protecting grasp. Still kneeling in her hands he at first looked around curiously with his ears pointing in the direction he looked at with his large brown eyes. Predacons were gathering around them and Draft Spur looked at every single one of them, paying close attention to his fellows and surroundings before he struggled his weight up and jumped of the Queens' hands.

After some time of looking around at what was his family, his 'herd', from now on he softly snorted twice and wildly nodded his head full of joy. In his excitement Draft Spur quickly trotted to one side just to break hard, turn around and run the way back. Excitement gave him lots of energy and he didn't know where to put it. After running he abruptly stopped now on the other side, nickered, what rather sounded like a shrill scream, and jumped a few times on the spot, still closely eying the movement around him.

After an honest attempt of calming down Draft Spur started with pawing the ground causing scratching noises as his front hoof scratched over the metallic surface of the floor. The excitement took the upper hand again and he shook his head before rearing up once. He reared up a second time and triggered the transformation process for the first time in his life. The fur vanished offering a silver-metallic surface to look at and the form of a horse started shifting around and partly just 'deformed' to form something else. In the end, Draft Spurs robot mode looked more like the one of a small seeker than a horse-bot. There were only a few evidences left of him ever been a horse. Aside from his behavior. Even as a biped he liked to run around and to occasionally jump of joy. With Locus salute he couldn't start anything, instead of returning it he tried to figure out if Locus was in for a game. Playfully Draft Spur jumped and danced around the larger mech trying to invite him to play.

The Queen

The Queen was genuinly pleased to see Draft Spur so full of energy. She looked back to Locus.

"Send the biologists down here. Do the work here, I wish to keep an optic on Draft, ensure there is no damage."

She looked back to Draft and watched him dance.


Locus nodded and made a comm call, all the while watching Draft Spur jump around him. Having ordered the biologist to the cargo area, Locus put the comm unit away. The mandibles either side of his mouth started wiggling a moment before he lightly jumped. He then started jumping a bit more, trying to mimick Draft's jumping.

Draft Spur

Draft Spur continued to jump and dance around Locus until Locus suddenly jumped as well. Like struck by a lightning Draft Spur froze and stared at Locus awaiting another movement. Out of the sudden Draft Spur continued to jump, now higher and more forceful since he was charged up with energy beyond the scale and then, there was it again! Locus jumped, now even higher. Again Draft Spur froze staring at him. Locus joined! Great! Draft Spur nickered again, what now sounded like a screech literally warped by the joy-fueled energy racing through his Predacon veins.

While screeching of joy Draft Spur couldn't let it be and started running around again. He dashed forward right passed that Queen, jumped there in circles and dashed back to Locus. As carefree as he was he stopped almost to late and almost bumped into Locus before he continued to jump around him snorting and nickering of joy of having found a play companion.

The Queen

The Queen watched with motherly pride as Draft Spur ran around. So full of energy, so full of life. He was perfect, if not for the holes in his skin.

She turned her attention as some biologists came in and started working on her with numerous instruments. They took what Shockwave and Acid had done and started making small adjustments to it.


Draft's energy was contagious. Locus started jumping around in circles around Draft. He tried to make similar Nickering noises, but completely failed to sound anything like him. Though he did start grinning.

"Hey, Draft. I'll give you a race. Two laps of this cargo bay."

Draft Spur

Just when he was running and jumping around the sudden sound of Locus' words caused Draft Spur to freeze into solid stone once again. He stared at his companion and sibling processing the words he had said. A race? Two laps around the cargo bay? It took time for him to comprehend but eventually he did. His hands were fists as he jumped of joy again.

"Yes! Yes! Race, we do! Let's start, let's start! A race!"

After punching holes into the air while jumping towards Locus he transformed back into horse-mode, positioned himself next to Locus and tried to stay calm to not miss the start. A suppressed nicker screeched out of his vocoder as he again banged his front hoofs onto the floor. His ears flattened on his neck as he wildly threw his head around and still jumed every now and then awaiting the start sign.


Locus moved into a starting position beside Draft. One of the other Predacons came over.

"Three.... Two.... One.... GO!"

On go, Locus pushed himself forwards, racing along the edge of the cargo bay, dodging over other Predacons who couldn't get out of the way in time.

The Queen

The biologist finished his work and injected the formula into the Queen. Her reaction this time was a lot less, showing no outward reaction. After a few moments, The Queen looked down.

"I think that's it."

She curled up on the deck, depositing another egg onto the deck. She remained curled around the egg protectivly, a hand on top of the egg feeling the life inside.

Draft Spur

Still dancing and stomping on the spot Draft Spur could barely keep himself still until Locus gave the 'GO'- order. As it finally came Draft Spur accelerated so much that his rear hoofs slipped and couldn't get a grip at first, infact Draft Spur was running like crazy on the spot while Locus already dashed forward. It took a few seconds until Draft Spur got forward as well and then quickly gained speed. He caught up to Locus, getting faster and faster, his ears lying flat on his neck and his tail raised and wafting in the air flow.

Even when the first turn came Draft Spur did not slow down but even further accelerated. Once ripping through the turn his front hoofs lost the grip and Draft Spur fell sliding into piles of resource containers. Drums and boxes stacked over each other and towering to the ceiling of the cargo bay, collapsed onto Draft Spur who transformed back to robot mode in panic just before the impact. After he was swallowed from the avalanche of containers Draft Spur worked his way out of it just as quickly. Before the drums came to a rest on the ground they were kicked aside and Draft Spur jumped up out of the piled up containers. As soon as he was out and reorientated himself he noticed something had changed. He froze on the spot and stared at the Queen. She had laid another egg, another sibling was coming.

Draft Spur had already forgotten about the race after the excitement of the crash and the realization of getting another sibling. In a fast trott Draft Spur moved towards the Queen but stopped in a little distant from her since he didn't know how protective she might react even towards Draft Spur. Curiously the young Predacon tilted his head and tried to peek on his new sibling who was under the Queens protective hands. But part of his audios still paid close attention to Locus and what he was doing where.


Locus jumped over some crates and heard a crash. Looking over his shoulder, he saw Draft had skidded and crashed into a pile of crates. Locus stopped running and was about to go check when he saw his sibling burst out. And go over to the Queen.

'Hmmm. Obviously has attention problems. I'll have to make a note of that for combat.'

Since Draft seemed occupied, Locus simply turned his attention to the matter of organising the supplies. He walked over to a group of Predacons and started giving orders.

The Queen

The Queen heard a crash and looked up. Draft was removing himself from some toppled containers. She looked back down to the egg, watching the life grow. She sensed someone come over. It was Draft.

She beckoned him to come closer.

"Come Draft. This is a miracle. The birth of a new Predacon. Like you, he, or she, will not be restricted to an insectoid body. We will gather our strength. Then we will sweep across this planet and take it's resources for our own. We will exterminate the purely mechanical Cybertronians, and take our place in the next step of the evolution of our species."

Draft Spur

As Draft Spur was invited to come closer he did. He came close enough to lay his hands onto the Queens arms and peeked at the egg she was protecting. He, too, could se the life moving inside. While he looked he also listened to what the Queen said.

"Exterminate Cybertronians,"

he echoed knowing exactly what he was supposed to do. What he was born to do. After some seconds Draft Spur looked up at the queen, the small wings of his flight capable second alt-mode sticking up from his back and slightly wincing of excitement.

"When do we start?"

The Queen

"Soon my child. First, we must grow strong. Learn your body, learn how to move, how to fight. Then you will conquer all your enemies."

The Queen Lifted her hand up as she felt movement from the egg.

"It is time."


He could feel himself pressing against the side of... where he was. He needed to get out. He was trapped. He had to get out. He was curled up, but pushed outwards with his paws, the skin of his container didn't break. He started to panic. What was happening? Why couldn't he get out? He started punching and kicking. His foot jerked, breaking out. There! He had an opening. He kicked with his other foot, breaking through. Punching again, he finally got his four feet through. But he wasn't out yet. Just one more thing to do.

With a howl, he straightened his back as fast as he could. Freedom! His head smashed through the enclosure, breaking away from the rest of it. He lay on the floor, a white wolf, panting, his fur matted and wet from the egg. He looked around at those looking at him. Then up to the Queen. He knew, this was the most important person in his life. The White Wolf tried to get up to his feet, struggling to find balance and slipping back to the ground with a thud.

Draft Spur

Watching a sibling hatch was an amazing sensation. Draft Spur bend his head further towards his new born brother realizing that it had been the same when he hatched. Carefully Draft Spur reached out with one hand and let his index finger slide over his brothers wet fur after the youngling first tried to get up but did not succeed.

"He is part of us, isn't he?"

Draft Spur asked and then looked up at the Queen after pulling his hand back. Even in his robotic face was the lack of skin on the right side visible and the under-skeleton structure showed his jaws moving but that did not keep Draft Spur from being curious about this new member of the gang.

"I'm curious, will he like to play?"

The Queen

The Queen watched as her child broke free, claiming his life for himself. She watched as he struggled to stand. It seems this would be a constant. But not one that would cause a problem. Her eyeless face turned to look down at Draft.

"Yes. He is part of us. As all on this ship are. We are a family. As for play..."

She turned back to the wolf.

"He will answer that."

The Queen reached down and started wiping the wolf's fur down.

"Tell me, child. What is your name?"


Locus was given a data pad. He frowned as he looked at it.

"I'm needed in Engineering."

He quickly left the cargo bay and made his way towards Engineering.


The wolf lay there, looking at the two creatures. He felt a kinship with them. He lay his ears flat as the Queen started wiping his fur. He opened his mouth to answer the question, but found his throat raw. Difficult to speak.


He coughed, trying to use his voice for the first time.

"My name is.... Noble."

He moved his legs underneath him, The Queen moving her hand aside to let him stand on his own. It was difficult, his limbs not used to supporting his weight. Carefully, he placed his paws underneath him, making sure they would not slip. With a mighty heave, he pushed his front legs up, quickly followed by his rear. Now standing, he looked about, resting his gaze on Draft. Noble's voice was soft, warm, inviting.


Draft Spur

As the wolf came to stand and eventually looked at Draft Spur he winced back watching his new born borthers' behavior. After Noble asked for 'Play?' Draft Spur took it as an invitation to play. He dashed away in amazing speed, transformed while he ran to horse mode and eventually stood frozen in front of the Queen looking at Noble with his ears pointed at him like a foal struck by a lightning. After standing there and staring at Noble for a few seconds Draft Spur busted out jumping and stomping on the ground with his hoofs. Bucking and running trying to burn out all the energy that was still inside of him. Every few seconds he abruptly stopped and looked what Noble was doing.

The Queen

"Draft. Take care of Noble. I am going to prepare for the arrival of more."

The Queen turned and made her way down the large conveyor belt, heading to where she had deemed her Throne Room would be. Upon entering, she began laying eggs by the hundreds, lining them around the room.


Noble had no idea what this horse was doing. Apparantly, play meant running around like a crazy person.

Noble took a step back, lowering himself down into a defensive posture. He narrowed his optics as he kept watching Draft, his tail starting to rise up, his ears lying flat against his head.

Draft Spur

Excited Draft Spur watched the Queen leave but he did not know what she meant by 'take care of Noble'... Draft has never taken care of anyone. After the Queen left Draft Spur looked at Noble again, reading his body language as rather hostile. What was wrong? Draft Spur wondered. The excitement rose and Draft Spur scratched his right front hoof on the ground, also lying his ears flat on his neck and lowering his head to an attack position. He grew more and more restless and resumed stomping with his rear hoofs also raising his tail and then throwing his head upwards but always keeping a watchful eye on Noble. Was it a difference in language or was he actual hostile? Draft Spur wasn't sure. After some time of showing off and threatening his opposite Draft Spur pointed his ears forward again and looked curiously. Setting one hoof in front of the other he carefully approached Noble but always ready to either flee or fight.


Noble kept in the same pose as he watched Draft's actions.

He had stopped running around like a crazy person, which no longer made Noble on edge. Though his tail kept up and his body kept low, his ears came back up and he turned his head on the side, watching Draft.

"So play means run around and startle everyone?"

Draft Spur

When Noble started to move Draft Spur stopped and closely watched his opposite. As Noble suddenly spoke Draft Spur winced and readied for evasive action but he quickly realized that Nobles words weren't to hurt him. This was a strange companion to deal with.

"Play means busting out energy. Too much of it, too much of it,"

Draft Spur said back arcing his head up and down a few times and stepping on the spot with his front hoofs just like being in front of another eruption again.

"We play we run, always, as fast as you can!"

Draft Spur abruptly broke away to the right rearing up and bucking away from Noble. After some jumps he skillfully lifted his rear to forcefully kick into the air before dashing forward away from Noble. Though after only five or six steps he stopped as abruptly as he started, turned around and stared at Noble with clearly pointed ears. Some seconds of peace and quiet passed by before Draft Spur snorted twice shaking his head of excitement.


Noble watched him with great fascination. Lowering his tail, Noble pounced forward, landing beside Draft. He looked up at Draft.

"Always, run, always bursting with energy? Always play? How do you.... play?"

Draft Spur

As the wolf suddenly landed next to the horse Draft Spur dashed aside throwing his head up. Once a few meters were gained he came to a sudden halt again and stared down at Noble as he spoke. Draft Spurs breath frequency was highly raised due to tension and excitement but his face showed clear curiosity towards Noble. 'How do you play?' The question echoed within Draft Spurs head as he thought about it. How should he explain? How could it be that Noble did not know how to play? As the silence had settled down Draft Spur sneaked further towards Noble lowering his head until his nose was on the same height as Nobles shoulder. Slowly Draft Spur closed in to Noble until he eventually him. Eventually Draft Spur nudged Nobles shoulder with his nose twice, strongly but playful. And again, like hit by an electrical shock, Draft Spur reared up and jumped a couple of times before he froze again staring at Noble reaction.

"We play, we play. You don't know how to play? I don't know how to explain!"


Noble watched as Draft came up to him. He rocked sideways from the nudge, coming to a gradual swaying stop. When Draft jumped up suddenly, Noble jumped back, startled. In instincts, he bared his clenched teeth and growled, his body low. It took a moment for him to realise it wasn't a threat and he went back to a neutral pose.


Noble slowly stalked up to Draft and batted him on the end of his nose with a paw, quickly jumping on the spot, then cocked his head to the side, watching Draft.

Draft Spur

The moment Nobles paw made contact with Draft Spurs nose he reared up one mre time. As soon as his front hoofs came back to the ground Draft Spur stared at Noble curiously. What a funny move! Draft Spur wanted to do the same and hoped forward towards Noble. When he was in reach Draft Spur raised his right front hoof and tried to bat Nobles nose as well, not thinking about what it meant for a wolf being batted on the nose by the hoof of a horse.


Noble reared back when Draft raised his hoof, curling his body slightly and angling himself to the side. This was certainly a curious being, with a curious lifestyle.

"Where do you get so much energy from? You haven't stopped moving since I first saw you."

Draft Spur

"Don't know,"

Draft Spur responded quickly after he realized that it wasn't the best of all ideas to try and bat Nobles nose with his hoof. Curiously and with ears pointed towards Noble Draft Spur looked at him and watched his behavior. Draft Spur liked him. Draft Spur liked Locus, too, but he had left some time ago. Locus was more of a runner. Noble seemed to be less playful or he did not like to run that much. Draft Spur danced on the spot after a few seconds of silence had passed by and then jumped landing right over Noble having the wolf between his front legs. Folding his ears lightly to the sides in a playful manner Draft Spur lowered his head and nuzzled Nobles shoulders and neck with his lips which showed a wide spectrum of movement possibilities. Every now and then he let his head swing forth and back making massaging movements.


Noble paused when Draft leapt over him and started.... massaging him with his lips? What? What madness was this? What was he doing? Noble didn't like this one bit. It felt like Draft was trying to eat him or something. Noble's brow furrowed as he started looking around, his muscles tensing up, his fur (having finally just dried out now getting wet again) standing on edge.

"What.... what are you doing? Please stop."

There was a hint of a growl in his voice as he spoke.

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Draft Spur

The soft fur of Noble was nice to feel on the lips now that it was dry. And Draft Spur didn't salivate it at all since he did not take it into his mouth he just caressed over it with his lips. As Noble growled up his words towards Draft Spur he stopped, pausing in the posture he had and then reluctantly continued before he eventually raised his head a little not knowing what to do. A few moments later Draft Spurs head came down again to fiddle a little at Nobles fur.

"Grooming. Grooming's good thing, grooming means friend. Don't you like it?"

Draft Spur head rose again and his ears and eyes were pointed in curiosity towards Noble being between his front legs.


He opened an optic. Where was he? This didn't look like the world. And he was crowded. He didn't like. No, not one bit. Hated being crowded. He let out a roar and exploded his legs and wings out wide. He had no arms though, curiously. But whatever was containing him exploded outwards. Savage found himself flat on his belly. He slammed his head down into the ground and used the momentum to jump up onto his feet and looked about. A large creature was looking down at him. He felt like this was the most important person in the world.

The Queen asked his name.


His voice was rough, deep, gravelly.

"And I'm ready to crack some skulls."

He looked over and saw some more Predacons. He leapt at them, kicking at their knees.

The Queen

The Queen slammed her hand down, pining Savage to the deck.

"We do not attack other Predacons. But you have spirit. I like that. I will be interested to see what skill you have."

Savage let out a growl. The Queen decided to let him free and raised her hand.


Savage picked himself up and looked at the Queen.

"As long as I get to fight, I will do whatever you ask."

Savage bowed his head, sweeping a wing aacross as if it were an arm. Rearing up, he waited by the Queen to see who else would hatch.


"It feels.... strange."

Noble tried to relax, but being under the horse was making him nervous. He didn't like being trapped like this.

"I consider you.... friend.... but this is uncomfortable for me. I need space."

Noble started crawling forward slowly, just trying to get far enough away so he wasn't diirectly under Draft.

Draft Spur

After Noble spoke and made his way out from underneath Draft Spur, Draft Spur rose his head and watched Noble. Then Draft Spurs head tuzrned and his pointed ears showed in the same direction he was looking at: The door that let outside the cargo bay into the corridors beyond it. Once again frozen to stone Draft Spur was staring at the door as if he had seen a ghost there. So much to 'he can't stand still', he perfectly can. After a few seconds he snorted.

"Someone's new, new. Wonna check out? Come on, let's check out."

From his standing position Draft Spur suddenly dashed forward towards the door. But, given his natural ability to learn, he did not make the same mistake again and went into a turn at full speed. After running he went down to a fast trott before he passed the door and then the turn. He stopped listening if Noble was coming along. After a short moment he turned around and looked around the corner at his wolf friend.



Noble shook his whole body quickly. It was better being free in the open. He nodded at Draft.

"Yes. I will come and see the new brother."

Noble pounced through the door and landed beside Draft. He looked down the corridor to the left, then to the right. Then back up to the horse.

"Which way?"

Draft Spur

"I will find,"

Draft Spur hastily said and hurried forward in a fast trot with Noble beside him. As Draft Spur followed the corridors he followed his instincts and his fine senses, he also used his close link to the queen which he noticed right after hatching. Draft Spur could feel the Queen, his ears pointing into different directions as he ran forward. There were only on conscious being with her but Draft Spur could sense the life near her. Unaware of it Draft Spur got faster and faster until he galloped through the corridors with the thundering sound of his hoofs echoing ahead.

"There we are!"

Draft Spur happily announced as he was close to the door that led to the room the Queen was in. He slowed down into trot and eventually to a striding pace venting his lungs by snorting a few time. Then he stopped and looked for Noble.


She could feel herself wrapped up in some kind of cacoon. It was warm. Comforting. Leathery. She shifted slightly, opening her optics. What a strange place she found herself in. Wait. She tried moving, the leathery things moving also. Were they... part of her? Yes, indeed they were. But she was still contained. Reacting on instinct, she let out a piercing scream.

The egg shattered open, leaving Chimera standing upright, her bat wings curled around her. Her ears twitched as she slowly lowered her wings and looked about, just in time to see another egg breaking open at the same time.

Draft Spur

Draft Spur waited impatiently for Noble to catch up. As soon as the wolf companion was there Draft Spur hopped into the room, seeing the Queen and the obviously newest brother, some kind of.. Dragon? Wide wings, no arms but two strong legs. Draft Spur couldn't start anything with it. Suddenly a scream. Draft Spur winced, ready to flee, his hoofs clocked onto the ground as he was readying himself but then he realized just as quick that there was no reason to flee, not yet. Another sibling had entered the life. Curiously Draft Spur stood there and watched with his ears pointed forward.


This felt... right. Nestled in this cacoon. But she had spent enough time here. It was time to move on. And though she was content to wait, it didn't seem there was much else to do, and she didn't think anyone would come and help. So, she pushed. With all her strength, she pushed. Her feet broke through the egg at the same time. She could feel the cold floor under her toes. Carefully, she took a couple of steps, then tried uncurling her tail. It forced itself through, smashing open the egg. Leaving only a bit on her head, she shook it off and looked about, kicking the last of the egg parts away from her. The first thing she saw was a bat standing on the floor. It looked like they had hatched at the same time.

Chamelea took a few shakey steps over to the bat.

"Hello. I'm Chamelea. Who are you?"


Chamelea looked at the lizard as it came over and introduced itself.

"I'm Chimera. Hello."

Chimera slowly extended a wing to Chamelea. It was then she noticed there were others in the room. A large beast beside a smaller one, and a pair standing in the doorway.

"Hello. Everyone."

She was clearly startled, but put on a brave face.

The Queen

The Queen watched as more of her children hatched. She was pleased they were healthy, and did not show the gaps in the skin that Draft Spur had. She looked up to see Noble and Draft in the door to the large chamber.

"Come. Enter. We are all one family. Meet your new brothers and sisters."


Noble was stood beside Draft, watching the birth of his brothers and sisters. When they were invited, he looked up to Draft.

"Shall we... play?"

He then entered the Throne Room and looked up at where the Queen sat, nestled on some kind of thick webbing, suspended in the centre of the room.


"Play? I'll meet you and play. By seeing how well you put up a fight."

Savage spread his wings wide and leapt into the air. He swooped low, knocking Chamelea and Chimera over before swooping at Draft, throwing a kick to his head as he arced past the door. Noble ducked under the beast as Savage swooped back towards the centre of the room.

Draft Spur

"Play! Play we do!"

Draft Spur reared up and nickered loudly. As he landed the sound of his hoofs impacting on the ground thundered through the room echoing to its end and back as well as his scream.

"Play we do, play we do!"

He called out again and jumped forth towards the dragon-guy Savage. While hopping around Draft Spur did not pay much attention to the ground he was jumping on. Suddenly he came onto the liquids of the eggs that have hatched. His front hoofs slipped apart and Draft Spur almost fell. It was thanks to his immense reaction that he didn't. His rear hoofs slipped as well and Draft Spur had a tough time getting back to dry ground. He snorted after he eventually managed to stand solidly again. Again he learned. His head lowered and he took a closer look at what he was standing on.

As his head came back up he saw Savage coming towards him in a pretty aggressive manny. Draft Spur froze, glaring at Savage and then rapidly turned around lifting his rear kicking out after him with his ears laid flat on the back of his neck.

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Chimera landed on her back. She looked about and realised it was that Savage thing that had done it. She looked to Chamelea, who was on her side, but ok.

"Stupid thing. We'll teach him."

Chimera flapped her wings, lifting up into the air and waiting for a chance to strike at Savage.


The kick from Draft connected with Savage as he flew past, sending him into a wobble. Savage landed on the ground with a thump and spread his wings.

"That the best you can do horsey?"

Savage leapt at Draft, swinging his wing across Draft's face to distract him from the incoming kick to his front legs.

Draft Spur

Feeling some resistance at his rear hoof Draft Spur watched the results of it. He looked as Savage landed and readied himself for another attack while screaming at him. Draft Spurs ears went from side to side, checking acoustically where the others were and what they were doing but his eyes were fixed on Savage. He did not react to what Savage said, words did not at all phase Draft Spur. When Savage attacked again Draft Spur reacted in jumping and bucking trying to violently shaking off the unwanted passenger. The kick from Savage enraged Draft Spur more. He reared up now punching with his front hoofs right into Savage as rapidly and powerful he could. He used the sharp rim to box into his brothers skin and even bared teeth during his attack. Draft Spur had never felt such an aggression yet in his life.


The sharp rim of the hooves battered Savage's scaly skin. Savage reared up and back before slamming down and forward, driving his head towards Draft's skull.


Chimera swooped down towards Savage, transforming into robot mode as she did so. The graceful femme had wheels behind her shoulders, short bat wings protruding from her calves that angled up, weapons around her waist. She landed on Savage's back and began wrestling the Wryven, trying to throw his aim off at Draft.


Chamelea checked herself over. She didn't seem to have any injuries. She watched as her sister transformed into a robot mode and attacked Savage. A robot mode? Could she do that?

Chamelea concentrated and felt herself shifting. Moments later, she was in her own robot mode. She looked at it. Very nice. Hmmm. She seemed to have weapons around her body. On her thigh was a pistol. She pulled it out and looked at it. It felt natural. Looking up at Savage fighting both Draft and Chimera, she raised the pistol and aimed at Savage.

Draft Spur

His instincts ordered Draft Spur to rear up again but his mind told him if he did that Savage would hit the volnurable belly. So Draft Spur Bucked and stomped uncertain what to do. Time was short and a decision had to be made. Flee or fight? Draft Spur then saw Chamelea entering the situation with somekind of weapon. Draft Spur kept bucking and as if engaged by the bucking movement two cannon barrels, one on each side. Though with still his head down and still bucking Draft Spur directed the barrels towards Savage and unlashed rows of particle fire. There were rather unaimed and due to his bucking movements hard to predict the flight path of the speer fire.


Chimera saw the guns deploy from Draft and reacting on instincts that fired within microseconds, grabbed one of Savage's wings by the front edge and yanked it up, forcing Savage to rear up into Draft's weapon fire. As the guns chewed into his belly, Savage staggered back, his chest showing wounds from the hits, though they had not drawn any blood.

Savage roared and swung his tail up to stab Chimera, the femme jumping up and flipping gracefully in a backflip over the tail, pulling out both her knives and plunging them into his back. She twisted them, enjoying this sensation of combat as she crouched on his back, twisting the blades.


Noble quickly jumped back out of range. Why would their brother attack them all like this? It made no sense! He would not panic though. He was better than that. Noble kept back, watching everything that was happening, trying to formulate a strategy. But it was too chaotic. Especially with Chimera riding on Savage's back.

He looked over to the side and saw Chamelea on the ground in robot mode, aiming a pistol at Savage. He bounded over to her and circled her.

"Don't shoot. You'll hit our sister. Or Draft Spur."


The guns from Draft hurt. As did the blades from his sister in his back. Savage was loving this. He felt so alive! He hoped his brothers and sisters were as well.

Savage bucked around trying to dislodge the one on his back but realised that was failing. And he wouldn't get airborne with her on him. Well, if you can't fly, CHARGE!

Lowering his head, he ran straight at Draft, picking up speed, Chimera still crouched on his back, clinging to her blades. He felt her try to twist them, try to shift his weight so he would miss Draft, but he had too much momentum going now for that.


In the engineering section of the ship, Locus finished his work and looked at the data readouts.


The mandibles at the side of his mouth worked as he thought.

"We have power to get this crate airborne, but not alot to do much else with it. We need to find a source of energy."

He moved to the intercom and told the bridge to start monitoring the planet for any vast sources of energy they could use to power up their ship. Closing the intercom, he decided he may as well inform Her Majesty of the news, so turned and walked towards the Throne Room.

Draft Spur

After knocking Savage down with the particle fire Draft Spur stopped firing and hurried over to Noble. He was calm and solid despite the commotion and some kind of safety radiated from him. Draft Spur stayed close by and it looked kinda funny when the 1200 pound horse tried to hide himself behind a wolf that was as high as the horses knees. But then, Savage wasn't easily knocked out of commission. He attacked again and Draft Spur grew restless on his spot. His ears stayed in a flat position all the time, also when he left the cover of his friend Noble to once again face the opponent who now ran with his head towards Draft Spur and the bat-girl Chimera on his back. Briefly before Savage reached Draft Spur he turned around again and kicked after Savage.
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