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PostSubject: Diego Garcia   Sun Dec 18, 2011 7:49 am


Nightwind stood there and waiting for anything that resembles a response from any one. After a period of time, he figured that it was time for him to leave.

"I guess it is time for me to leave."

He then opened a warp gate which immediately seals after him.

Guardian Prime

"I was taken to, what I believe to be, an alternate future. It seems I would have made a mistake on the Mini-Con hunt, one that would prove fatal to this planet. The alternate future showed me the consequences of my actions, had I made them. I believe Clocker, Strongarm and Magnus may be trapped in similar...zones, if you will. My lesson was to learn to control my impulsiveness, I believe the others each have a lesson to learn. I learned my lesson and was released..."

I paused for a moment...

"...By you."


DarkFyre nodded.

"Yes, of course Prima. Space may be a little cramped in the cockpit, but please..."

DarkFyre stepped aside and indicated to the cockpit.

"The blue femme is Shadda'Shk. And the large mech is Tankor. We are just waiting for Guardian Prime, then we can set off."

Sentinel Prime

Sentinel slowly turned to look at Guardian.

"Me? I have not set foot off this base. And I certainly haven't taken anyone into alternate futures."


Quote Originally Posted by Tankor View Post
"Autobots believe in giant planet eating robots. That stupid. But Tankor still not laugh. Tankor might think legends and beliefs stupid, but Tankor still respect beliefs and legends."
"Planet eating robots?"

Shadda'Shk raised an optic ridge in disbelief. She hadn't heard that one before, that definitely seemed stranger then one organic being putting on armor and having the power to destroy a race. But not a planet. She shrugged her shoulders and looked away again. "That good to hear. But you are not Al'Tyr. No need to listen to legend."

While DarkFyre left the ship to talk to the mechs outside, Shadda'Shk got up and looked out the cockpit viewing window at the newcomers. Two of them she recognized from before but the other two were strangers again, one of them who's symbol she didn't recognize.

Guardian Prime

I looked back at Sentinel.

"Not in the present day, no, but I believe it was a future version of yourself. Given everything that we've talked about it doesn't suprise me that this could me yours, mine or our doing. And, as much as I want to rescue, Clocker, Strongarm and Magnus, I think we have to trust that they'll make the right choices on their own. This may be more than an exercise in second chances, it could also be an exercise in trust and unity. Again it doesn't surprise me that you were there." I said, the last sentence with a kind smile.


Prima turned around as Nightwind spoke. Before he left he nodded towards the Shadowcon.

"I thank you for bringing me here. I hope we will see each other again."

Then Nightwind disappeared in a flash of light and for a moment Prima caught himself wishing that he had the same ability. He then returned to DarkFyre as he invited him in.

"Thank you, DarkFyre."

Prima stepped into the shuttle craft and looked at the other bots sitting in the cockpit as he was introduced to them.


Prima said with a nod.

"I am Prima, I will accompany on your trip to the lost Minicon-Colony."

After he introduced himself and briefly stated his bussines for being here Prima took a seat next to Tankor. Curiously he looked around to see what modern shuttle crafts were like while patiently waiting for Guardian Prime to return to this craft so that they could lift off.

Sentinel Prime

Sentinel pinched the bridge of his nose with a sigh.

"Time travel. It's enoough to give anyone a processor ache if they think about it too much."

He lowered his hand and looked at Guardian.

"Having trust in your team is an important part of being a leader. Whatever lesson I taught you in the future, take it to spark. I would not go through such trouble for something trivial. Now go join DarkFyre. We don't want to keep him waiting. I will keep an optic open for the return of Magnus, Clocker and Strongarm."

Guardian Prime

"Thank you Sentinel."

I then turned and hurried towards Darkfyre's craft.

"Hey hold your horses!"

I reached the craft and noticed the cramped conditons.

"Actuall I'll fly alongside. Might be more space..."

I arched a brow at that last comment before transforming and summoning my, now repaired, G-Star, which connected, good as new.

"Ok, I'm ready."

Sentinel Prime

Sentinel watched Guardian leave, and turned back to look out at the ocean. There were indeed things in motion. Unicron wanted earth for his new body. Sentinel would stop him. Even if it meant the sacrifice of this world, and the lives on it, including his own.

He raised his fist, frowning at the purple glow. The taint of Unicron was spreading with each passing day. And if the destruction of this world would stop the Chaos Bringer, then so be it. And if Sentinel himself had to sacrifice his own life to ensure that victory, then so be it.


Hearing they were ready, DarkFyre closed the door and ran through the final pre flight checks.

"Well, we have all been introduced. I'll fill everyone in on what's happening when we're en route. Next stop: Al'Tyr."

DarkFyre put his fedora on his head and lifted the shuttle up, guiding it out of Earth's atmosphere.

Guardian Prime

I waited as Darkfyre launched his ship, before taking off myself and maintaining a course alongside the craft. It then occured to me that I hadn't introduced myself to Darkfyre's companion, nor greeted the others since I returned. As I flew I made a mental note to do so once we landed...


Tankor just crossed his arms and huffed. He always enjoyed a good story. Stupid alien. Thinking she better than Tankor. Thinking she not need to tell Tankor stories. Well, Tankor not tell her any stories.

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Diego Garcia
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