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 Okavanga Delta

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PostSubject: Okavanga Delta   Sun Dec 18, 2011 7:55 am


The vast flood plain in Botswana lay baking in the heat. The ground was very unstable due to it's condition as a flood plain. Only cheif's Island, located in the middle of the area, provided solid ground.

Outburn carefully made his way over the vast flat plain, moving as fast as he could to avoid sinking into the mud. Despite this, his alt mode was not exactly made for off road, and more than once he had to transform and force himself out.

Eventually reaching the island, Outburn perched on the highest point, venting heavily to cool himself in this heat. He shielded his optics, looking through the empty sky for any trace of his dear friend. Oh, this was going to be exciting.


The shuttle made an uneventful arrival at the coordinates and landed smoothly. As the door opened voices could be heard talking within before Nightstalker popped out and took a big stretch. "Nice landing doc. I should make you my driver more often"

"I'm a doctor in the decepticon army! Not your personal chauffeur. I'm having a recharge, close the door when you leave"

"HAHA! Ok see you in a few" closing the door, Nightstalker looks around to see if she could see Outburn. I wonder what he looks like with the local tech?

Must not valiantly push officers onto hand grenades to save the squad


Fortunately, the island was not large. Outburn broke into a huge grin as he saw the shuttle come down and land.... in the mud. Outburn quickly slid down his perch and ran up to them, waving his arms.

"Lift off! Lift off! You'll get stuck in the mud if you wait too long!"


The Dark Claw followed the shuttle down at a safe distance, maintaining it's cloak.

"Hmmm. Looks like they've landed. Why here? The whole area is nothing but open land. Not quite land. Check the sensor readings. It's actually a large mud plain, baked solid by the heat. If you're not careful, you'll get stuck in that stuff. Ugh. Then I assume landing the Claw is out of the question. Yeah. But we didn't want to land anyway. Hold position here. This requires some finesse. Screw finesse, I say we just charge in there and take the thing's core processor. No, that won't help us get paid, now will it? No, but when tales spread that we took down one of those things, our name will become famous. People will fear us. Respect us. People already do respect us, or they wouldn't hire us. This conversation is over. We need to suit up."

Craydon set the cloaked ship in hover mode and made his way towards one of the rear rooms, where he began equipping his armour.


Popping the door open. "Yo doc. Burn says to take off or you'll get stuck in something call mud?" closing the door. She took a few steps forward and then looked down at her feet. "yuck! Is this mud?" lifting up her foot and giving a good swift kick. "It's in my turbines!" Trying to walk through the stuff without falling forward "Outburn!! Primus it's great to see you again."

The shuttle lifted up out of the mud as Nightstalk gave Outburn a long overdue hug.

Must not valiantly push officers onto hand grenades to save the squad



Outburn broke into a huge grin as he stayed where the ground was solid and let her come to him, his arms wide..

When she got close, he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her back, giving her a squeeze.

"Oh, it's great to see you again. Life's not the same when you aint around. How you been?"

he asked, keeping hugging her the entire time.


"Same here!!! HA you're going to close off my intakes if you keep squeezing like that" waiting for Outburn to let go. "Been good, really busy. This war keeps me busy. Finally got some time off from all my jobs though." She never directly mentioned her tasks as she knew they were all hits on those on his side. "How have you been? This certainly is an interesting planet but please tell me it is not all like this....mud?" Being the first time visiting, Nightstalker still had her cybertronian forms and it sure showed compared to Outburn with his earth mod. "You looks like you been keeping well"

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Must not valiantly push officers onto hand grenades to save the squad


Outburn gave Stalker one last squeeze before releasing her.

Yeah, I've been keeping well. Made some new friends, got some sleek, new lines. I tell you what, this planet has some niiiice cars. And no,"

He started chuckling.

"It's not all this mud. That's just because this area is a river delta that is baked dry by the heat. There's a lot of diversity on this planet's terrain. But this place was remote, isolated, so I figured it was ideal for a meet up."

He looked out over the dessert. He figured his friend's job had involved killing Autobots. And honestly, he didn't mind. It's not like he knew them. He had no interest in fighting in this dumb war. The only reason he had joined the Autobots was so they wouldn't send him out on missions to kill. He much preferred having fun.

"Don't worry about the humans, they're pretty much harmless, as long as you stay away from the ones that have sided with the Autobots. How long are you hanging around?"


Craydon pulled on his right glove, stretching his fingers to ensure the gauntlet was on securely. He turned to the shelf in the locker and took the helmet down.

"Well, time to work."

He placed the helmet over his head and activated the seal, meaning he was immune to gasses and changes in air. His HUD blinked to life, scanning and targeting everything as he looked around, running through his customary pre op systems check. Satisfied, he moved to the airlock, looking for his target. There it was, hovering above the ground. Craydon activated his own personal cloak, knowing it would not last for long, before jumping out, guiding himself onto the top of the shuttle. Shutting his cloak off, he pulled out a small cutting tool and began cutting into the roof.


"I can see. Sounds like you like it here." Nodding her head at the indication of staying away from the autobot alined humans. "Not really sure on that one. They gave me half a deca-cycle off. Though I guess it depends on when and where they need me next. We checked in here but there was something going on in the ship and I left before finding out what it was."

Sitting down on the area that they were able to do so, "so tell me what's been going on around here? I haven't heard much at all where I've been. What's the exciting news?"

Must not valiantly push officers onto hand grenades to save the squad


The doc lifted off as soon as he was told to. Didn't want his shuttle getting stuck in anything. He needed that to get around to where he is needed. Setting it to auto-hover just enough off the ground, the doc leaned back in his chair and closed his optic shutters. let those young ones have their fun. I'm going to take this opportunity to get some much needed recharge; war is killer on the recharging. As long as they don't get in trouble anyway.

Lightly drifting off, he was oblivious to what was happening on the roof of the shuttle.

The Grumpy Old Medic...just don't tell that to him.


"Ooooh, well, that is a story and a half. I don't know alot, cos I've not been around a lot myself. But from what I know, The original Ark was found on the moon and they woke up Sentinel Prime. Yep, THE Sentinel Prime. He had this grand plan to open a space bridge and transport Cybertron here into orbit, and use the resources of the Earth to rebuild. I don't know how he was gonna do that, I was injured and taken out of that battle. Next thing I know, everyone's moaning because Unicron is somewhere here on Earth. I go with my new friends to an island base. Then you call me. Oh! And I think Megatron is going by the name of Galvatron now. Haven't the foggiest why."

Outburn sat down.

"You must have some exciting stories to tell. Out there in the wilds, a lone assasin. All those crazy planets you've visited. Hey, you wanna go somewhere a bit cooler? And with less mud? "


With a small hole cut in, Craydon deactivated his cutting tool and put it away on his belt. He slipped through into the exostructure of the ship, moving carefully amongst the engine parts, over power relays. Coming up to a maintanance hatch, he carefully prised it open and looked though.

He was near the back of the cockpit. He could see the target in a powered down state near the front. He scanned for any more of those things. There was no trace. Excellent. Craydon began slowly creeping forward towards Slowbrowse.


"wow sounds like you had exciting times here. Guessing that his plan failed since I don't see Cybertron here. Unicron? wait, what I thought he was made up to scare younglings. You're telling me that he is real?" not sure if she should believe him on the last part but then again he has never lied to her. "And Galvatron? Hmm I never heard about the name change, guess that must be pretty resent. Gavatron.......nope just does not have the intimidation factor that Megatron had." laughing at the thought of it.

"Sure. You'll have to show me what you do for fun around here. Just let me check in with grumpy about it." Looking up at the shuttle " not walking back through that stuff" opening a com to the shuttle. "HEY GRUMPY!!!!! Wake up will ya for a moment."

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Must not valiantly push officers onto hand grenades to save the squad


He had just started to relax when the sound he was not wanting to hear for a while startled him awake.

"HEY GRUMPY!!!!! Wake up will ya for a moment."

A very none happy grunting sound preceded the opening of his optics as he sat up. Hitting a button on his console "WHAT!? I was just getting into recharge. This better be good!"

"Don't worry I'll let you get back to your beauty sleep in a minute. Outburn is taking me to see some stuff. You can wait here or take off back to the ship if you want. I'll contact you when we are done."

"Fine! But don't go anywhere near the local inhabitants. You would stick out like a supernova. And don't get caught!! " closing off the com, he leaned back into his seat. "Trouble, that is what she is. Disaster with both of them." Thinking for a moment on whether it be more comfortable to recharge in his shuttle or back on the main ship in a room. at least there be others on the ship and I can get an update on what is going on. Making up his mind. He reached for the steering controls and took it off auto pilot. Checking his maps, the shuttle engines powered up as it took off up towards the sky.

The Grumpy Old Medic...just don't tell that to him.


Craydon stopped when heard the comm voice, slowly easing back towards the maintanance hatch.

'If he gets back to the mothership, we'll never be able to get him. No. We need to stop him. How? Cut power to the engines? Yeah. Ok. We need to find the access controls and cause a full shutdown. He can glide the shuttle down. Oh we don't have time for all that nonsense. I know exactly what to do.'

Creeping back, he entered the hatch and back into the shuttle's mechanical components. he crawled over them until he got to one of the power distribution nodes. Since he had left the bombs back on the Claw, he had to improvise. Removing the missile from the jetpack, he set it on a timer of 40 seconds and wedged it between the power distribution nodes. He quickly crawled through the workspace and took cover behind the engine exhausts.

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"Fun? Errrr.... well, honestly, other than going Burger King and teaching Future Dude about picture money, we haven't really done much in teh way of fun. We stopped Sentinel from bringing Cyebrtron here, fought some Insecticons, then tried to defend a human convoy from giant..... weird....... bug things and a ginourmus monster. I was in charge of that mission but....."

His shoulders slumped and his voice dropped.

"It didn't go so well. Clocker got badly hurt. And we lost the shipment. Stupid things. Stupid me. I should have been better prepared."

He kicked at a dried tree, cracking the trunk and sending the splinters out into the mud plains.


The doc was thinking to himself when he heard a muffled explosion and slight vibration in the ship. strange. Did I..... Suddenly the ship dropped as alarms went off and lights blazed on his controls. "What the slag pit is wrong?" Pulling up on the controls did nothing to pull the ships nose up. The engines are out? can't be out of fuel, we refueled on the ship.

Restarting the systems did nothing and boosting the fuel mix didn't help either. oh slaging hell!! Hitting a button on his chair caused crash restraints to pop out of the chair and clip themselves onto him. Doing his best to try to turn a shuttle into a glider and despite his best efforts it continued to plummet towards the fast approaching ground.

.................................................. .................................................. .............................
.................................................. ....*rebooting*
..........................*systems check*

"I. HATE. THIS. PLANET!!!!" coming back online after the crash, the doc found himself hanging upside down. The shuttle had crashed into an area of trees and flipped multiple times before coming to rest upside down. His check turned up no major damage though the status of his shuttle was not as lucky. Accessing his communication terminal, he closed it just as fast when loud hissing static filled his audios. Great must have damages the transmitter. Maybe I can still fix it. Well best go see where I am and the damage.

Sighing to himself, the doc mentaly cursed as he disengaged from the restraints and fell immediately headfirst onto the roof (now floor) of the shuttle.

The Grumpy Old Medic...just don't tell that to him.


Watching the shuttle lift up and take off, Nightstalker stood up and followed along with Outburn.

Listening to him talk, Nighstalker gave a concerned frown at his sudden downturn in spirit. "Sounds like it was a big mission to be in charge of. Burn don't be to hard on yourself. Missions fail, mech's and femmes get hurt- sometimes killed, not everything goes right all the time and you can't be prepared for everything. When I started I had missions that didn't go right, slag it I still have ones that don't." Reaching out she gave him a quick hug with her right arm.

Remembering the somewhat hidden weld marks on her back and wings, given as punishment for failing on a important mission and fixed much later, as best as he could, by Slowbrowse. It had happened long after her last contact with Outburn so even he didn't know about what happened. "At least they aren't going to punish you for what happened" releasing the hug and giving him a quick soft punch to the arm. "Now I demand that you cheer up and show me this new planet." smiling at him as she did her best to switch topic.


Craydon braced himself when the explosion went off. Still, he was banged about from the impact. When the shuttle came to a rest, he waws upside down.

"Well that worked well."

The modulator on his helmet gave him a slightly robot voice.

"I knew it would. We also don't have a missile to take down the target. But the target is now isolated, and not on his mothership. Easy picking. DAMMIT! I hate it when you're right. Let's check on the target. No, wait. He may use that maintanence hatch to see what caused the damage. We should go round the outside. A less obvious entrance? Yeah. Sounds like a plan."

Craydon tried to untangle and reorientate himself, rubbing his elbow. Looking at what remained of the power node, he started crawling towards a shaft of light, indicating a hole in the shuttle he could crawl out from.


Outburn gave a half smile as Stalker hugged and punched his arm.

"Ok. This planet has lots to see. There's cities, though you'll need to get a local alt mode if we go see them. But they are vastly different, depending on what country you're in. Oh! There's mountains. Oceans. Canyons. Lot's to see. Come on!"

Outburn jumped up and transformed into his all black Bugatti Veyron alt mode and revved his engine.


"Sounds interesting!!.....Nice look" approving of his alt mode, Nightstalker folded forward as she transformed into her cybertronican car mod. She laughed at he sound of the engine revving "do all earth vehicles make such a noise? How can you not get noticed it is so loud?"

Must not valiantly push officers onto hand grenades to save the squad


Trying the main door, the doc banged and thew his weight into it but to no avail. Must be jammed from the crash. Maybe the maintenance hatch can be opened. Making his way towards the rear of the shuttle, he pulled some boxes towards the hatch in order to stand up on them to reach it. Pulling the two levers down, a hissing sound of rushing air occurred as the door popped open. Pushing the hatch open, his optics immediately adjusted to the bright sunlight that poured into the shuttle.

The Grumpy Old Medic...just don't tell that to him.


"Only the good ones make this noise."

He revved again. Twice.

"Mind you, you should have seen that Jesus Bus I had to take on to hide from that Decepticon. Oh man, that was a piece of junk. Nah, the point of cars like this is too get noticed. Just watch the mud. It's very thick, and you can get stuck in it here."

Outburn was about to drive off when he realised he didn't know where to go first.

"Err.... I don't know where to go first. Guess we can head towards the sea, and see what's that way. You may want to take on an earth alt mode when you can though. After recent events, I don't think the humans are too fond of us at the moment."

Outburn accelerated across the mud plains, zooming East.


"Jesus bus?" confused as to what type of earth vehicle that could be, she took off after Outburn. "You'll have to help me pick out a really nice one since you know which ones they are." Catching up to him "wait, wait, there is a organic population that actually doesn't like autobots! What did you do?" laughing at the thought that the beloved autobots are not that beloved.

Must not valiantly push officers onto hand grenades to save the squad



His tone was one of slight embarasment.

"We may have wrecked one of their major cities, and caused the death of a few hundred humans in our last major encounter. You can't blame that on me though! I was out of it for most of the fight."

Outburn finally felt his wheels hit proper ground, prompting a sigh.

"Good thing is, we've just left the mud. We're on proper hard ground now. Hmmmm. There isn't many nice cars in this part of the world. I wonder if you can access the internet? That's like a global info network the humans have. Covers the entire globe. If you can access it through your comm terminal, you'd be able to find a sweet ride."


Squeezing himself through the hole, Craydon dropped down to the ground. He took a quick scan of where he was, then typed some controls into the controller on his arm, signalling his cloaked ship to head to their position. Best thing to do is make a dash into the trees and observe the target. Survival instincts always dictate escape the crashed ship first if the outside is hospitable.

Looking around for the fastest way to the undergrowth, Craydon ran towards it, diving into the bushes and watching the crashed shuttle for a sign of life from the target.

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Okavanga Delta
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