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 Information Regarding Al'Tyrs

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PostSubject: Information Regarding Al'Tyrs   Sun Dec 18, 2011 8:15 am

Location: Ackexa Region
Locally known as the Empty Regions, the Ackexa region is a large space with several nebula all with their unique shapes and deadliness, solar systems with too large stars and giant gas plants and several areas covered in drifting meteor clusters. Among this region there are a few lucrative spots where trading posts have thrived as well as the Ackexa Solar system owned by native inhabitants, the Al'Tyrs or Al'Tyrias, of which their planet is named after.

Planet: Al'Tyr

Native (Organic) Al'Tyrs:
Typically they are about a head and shoulder shorter than the average Transformer. They have a variety of skin colors, ranging from brown tones to red or yellow. Their fingers are long and while they have nails they are not hardened talons. Their feet on the other hand have very hard claws and is a spread of five toes. Their tails are usually long enough for them to bring it over their shoulders (almost as long as they are tall) and the ending has no natural weapon on it though it makes a good whip. Their scales are more leathery like then hardened points, except for the ones running down their spine. Those are broader, hardened, and have a long triangle point. These scales run from between their shoulder blades down to where their tail starts. They have a slight muzzle and their front teeth, especially the canine teeth, are pointed. Their horns come out from near the top of the head, angle down to the jaw line and then running along side the jawline, ending a little before their nose. Organic Al'Tyrs have a small mane, about a hand's width wide running from the top of their head to their shoulder blades, though most keep it cropped short. Al'Tyrs are known for easily living up to 800 years.

There are two main species of Al'Tyrs, commonly referred to as Land Dragons and Sky Dragons for simplicity. Sky Dragons are slimmer built, usually taller and have more mane then spine scales. They also are the ones that have wings and their tail usually contains a small fold-able stabilizer. Land Dragons are thicker built with broader shoulders and heavier horns. They do not have any wings.

The organic Al'Tyrs are native to the planet of Al'Tyr. They were having their own little squabbles when during the Golden Age of Cybertron, Transformer colonist landed. After some awkward moments and brief vicious three way squabbles, Transformers and organic Al'Tyr cultures started to absorb each other. Being so far away from Cybertron made it easier for the Transformers to adopt much of their new home's culture and attitude and eventually they were considered Al'Tyrs as well, not Transformers or Cybertronians.

Trouble Past:

Several decades after the fall of the Golden Age on Cybertron, the Al'Tyrs found themselves under planetary siege by a group they called Marauders. The leading force of these organized pirates seemed to be Transformers, but they had absorbed other race groups, usually in the form of some truce agreement. They called themselves Skrea Enclave and were known for conquering regions and setting up their own rule (think space version Khans with differences).

The Al'Tyrs fought long and hard, and in the process they developed the fusion as a last ditch effort to recover lives, especially the lives of experienced soldiers that they needed desperately. They were fighting a losing battle and finally Enigma decided that they could be buried under their land or they could fly off, remove all means of conflict, and hopefully come back to once they had healed their wounds and recovered their strength.

So began the nomad era. The majority of the Al'Tyrs fled the planet on great city ships and scattered throughout space. The Marauders chased after them but the Al'Tyrs soon knew the region better then they did and perfected surprise hit-and-runs on the Marauders supply lines. Soon certain regions of space became avoided by space-travelers because of the red-eyed ghost that guarded a terrible secret. The Al'Tyrs probably encouraged such rumors to help protect their city-ships, even as they became known to other people and places as a nomadic race.

Side Note on Reapers

Reapers, as the Al'Tyrs call them, are the Skrea Enclaves creation and a twisted dark mirror of the Al'Tyrs own Fusion. The Skreas take one of their own soldiers and put them through a chemical process that enhances their strength, speed and size while fusing metal armor pieces directly onto their skin, sometimes even the weaponry depending on what it is. Reapers are feared by the Al'Tyrs because their mind has been altered and they have no concept of pain or fear, only a lust for killing which they do with extreme efficiency and can challenge even the most experienced of warriors. Al'Tyrs have to gang up on just one Reaper, some of which are twice their size, in order to bring them down.

Reapers are not expected to survive very long after undergoing the process.

Present Time:
The Al'Tyreas have finally regained their strength and have wilted down the forces occupying their planet and have been able to push forward and establish their own battle force in other outer solar system from where they can launch attacks and resupply the forces they have succeeded in landing on the ground. The Skrea Enclave still has several strongholds but the Al'Tyrs are confident that now that they have cut off the planet Skreas from the surrounding space region they'll be able to win out. At the moment the planet side is a hot zone in the regions where Skrea occupied cities are near Al'Tyr re-occupied cities. The Al'Tyrs are pushing to reclaim their original planet Capital, Kul'amari, which still contains the underground archives with the original history files, both electronic and paper. Right now though it is part of the large swath of No Man's Land, with Skreas on one side and the Al'Tyr forces on the other. Neither group seems to want a full blown battle in the city but are constantly having small Wolfpack (group of 5-15 soldiers) battles on the streets as each side tries to find the upper hand.

Regarding the Enigma Dragon:

Engimas are an Al'Tyr who have put on an armor that is passed down from Enigma to Engima. They have no idea where this armor came from, but it has the power to transform the wearer (non-reversible) into a full sized dragon that is about the size of Jetfire, sometimes bigger. Each Enigma has their own unique look, but the Engima profile is the same, a mixture of skin that moves like organic but is hardened like metal, allowing them to operate in space as well as on land. Their horns, front paws, rear paws and tail are all weapons, the tail because that's where they store the huge blade.

The Enigmas are the symbol of Al'Tyr. They are the ones most likely to have future-sight. They are the ones that throw themselves into danger for the survival of all Al'Tyr. It was the Enigma who first ordered the first exodus of the planet Al'Tyr when the Marauder armies would not leave them alone. If anyone else had made that order, maybe some would have followed, but not the majority of the nation.

Cultural Notes:

Grabbing an adult Al'Tyr by the scruff is rude, that's what parents did to the kids. This is because organic Al'Tyrs have nerve endings around the neck/head area that create a response similar to when a mommy cat picks up a kitten. The effects lessen somewhat as they become older, the nerves becoming less sensitive, but for most it usually stays with them for their whole life. Even though Transformers don't have it, the rudeness of it still applies.

Its taboo to boast about how many battles or kills you've done. There's the general dark humor of combat, yes, but keeping notch counts is something else entirely. Its similar to bloodlusting, which is wanting to be in battle just for the thrill of it all.

The Al'Tyrs conclusion to life is that no one lives forever, not even the Enigma. Sometime, somewhere your life ends.

Swords are a very important symbol of defense and strength. They are given names and personalities, some are handed down several generations. You carve the name of the person you want to protect into the sword. It is if the sword, knowing the person, will move of its own will to protect that person. Having a sword taken away and broken in public is humiliating.

The Al'Tyrs have retained their close personal space. Strangers (including strange Al'Tyrs) aren't allowed within an arm's length, the distance where you can attack someone without them being able to react. To intrude on that without warning or introduction to yourself is very rude and will get a proper reaction. On the other hand, if they know the person and/or don't view them as a threat, brushing shoulders and wiggling past other Al'Tyrs isn't considered rude, that's just normal. Basically the closer an Al'Tyr is to you, the closer you can get into the "striking" combat zone without a problem.

Al'Tyrs can be very suspicious of non-Al'Tyrs. This is usually a problem when non-Al'Tyrs are trying their best to establish common grounds and the Al'Tyrs are always looking for underhanded motives, even if there are none. It can be like this; the non-Al'Tyr is saying "Work with me here!" And the Al'Tyr will reply. "Why should I? You must be trying to get one over me." So yeah... not the best at communicating outside the culture.

Al'Tyrs can be more inclined to solve a problem physically. Insulted one with words? He'll call it even when's he's dug your face into the dirt. And then afterwards, no hard feelings... unless you insult him again, which must mean you're really asking for it. Some are more inclined then others to do this, but the after-war culture that came about still has rough edges to their manners.

Sanitation is also a big thing among them. Hot water is kind of the cure all for most everyday things. They understand that doesn't get everything though, so if they suspect there is a virus or bacterial in the area, they'll get special equipment to hose it down.

In the olden days, a youngling was taught as soon as possible how to hid and camouflage themselves. When they started to reach adulthood they had to make a decision of whether to become a warrior or go into another line of work. If they decline to make a decision right away, they had to at least go through basic weapons training.

Two Al'Tyrs who know each other will greet each other by touching both palms against the other Al'Tyrs palms. Unknowns or mild acquaintances will get an arms crossed at the chest, hands to the opposite shoulder. A slight bow conveys more respect. No greeting at all, even to a total stranger is rude.

Organic Al'Tyrs use their tail a lot in body language. Transformers are teased about being mute because most don't have a tail to use body language with.

Among Al'Tyr legend, Great Dragons are revered and the only ones to have that true dragon shape is the Enigmas. In their legend there is the stories of a Black Dragon that brings destruction.
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Information Regarding Al'Tyrs
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