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 Damnation Eternal Zones

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PostSubject: Damnation Eternal Zones   Sun Dec 18, 2011 8:16 am

Ok so I got mad last night and wrote my characters out. Again. And again I've decided to gie it another go. But I started last night, with something, so I'll finish. Simply put my characters vanished. They were taken to a place known as the Damnation Eternal Zones, a place where people are made to pay penance for their mistakes. Now the catch is that these mistakes haven't happened when the abductees arrive there, it's more of a sadistic blame game/warning. Each character will have a "guide". I quote because said guide will be someone seriously affected by the mistake of each character. The guide will be bitter and blameful but ulitmately trying to prevent the mistake from happening.

Also this is a safe way of me staying in the RP because, if I decide to leave again, this story won't affect the others.

Below I will explain the zones that the characters are in. Each character has their own zone, differing from the others.

Zone 1: Guardian Prime, guided by Darkfyre.

Guardian Prime will be trapped in a zone where Unicron managed to take Earth as his form, due to a costly mistake he made/would make on the Mini-Con hunt.

Zone 2: Sweety, guided by Guardian Magnus

Sweety will be trapped in a zone set just after the Mass Extinction Event. She'll be faced with Guardian Magnus who tells her that she disobeyed his order to return to Earth (during evacuation) and this led to the death of Guardian Prime because he faced The Queen alone.

Zone 3: Guardian Magnus, guided by Darksyde

Magnus will be trapped in a zone where he was unable to carry out Darksyde's plan. As a result the Earth was saved and Unicron was thwarted. Darksyde would be mad at Magnus for failing to kill Guardian Prime, who returned to his own time and became Supreme Commander. Darksyde will still control Magnus but this will give Magnus a chance to weaken the hold so to speak.

Zone 4: Clocker, guided by Strongarm

Clocker will be trapped in a zone where little is different, except that Skyflame is dead, due to a Clocker mistake.

Zone 5: Strongarm, guided by Clocker

Similar to zone 4 but Rebel died because of Strongarm.
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Damnation Eternal Zones
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