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 Solly History

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PostSubject: Solly History   Sat May 05, 2012 4:18 pm

Solidstrike met Shadowdancer (crash landed near the Nightstalker base after a conflict with Lock Down, who tried to kill her for her warping abilities) after she recovered in the Nightstalker infirmary. Solidstrike learns from Her, that she was his apprentice:

Quote :

Shadowdancer watched Nightwind leave and then frowned slightly when Solidstrike said the Fallen had erased his memories. It had all been so unfair, in her opinion, and she was glad she at least no longer had to answer to the Fallen.

"I was your apprentice,"

she replied, trying to smile, but still feeling a little down that Solidstrike didn't remember her.

"You were my best friend, well, pretty much my only friend. You taught me how to fight and how to strategize. I often had my head up in the stars but you brought me back down to the ground and helped teach me to reason things out instead of being quite so naive. When you were put in stasis, I got emotional and angry and was put in stasis as well."

Quote :

'I had an apprentice', shot through Solidstrikes mind and even after Shadowdancer had finished he remained silent for some time, still comprehending the information he just got. He finally found someone who could tell him something about his past. It was shocking and stunning, and also relieving. Solidstrike just glared at her trying to imagine how things were back then.

"I... I don't know what to say",

He slowly said. It was hard for him to imagine himself as a teacher and trainer. He taught her how to fight and how to strategize.

"With other words I taught you how to kill... Your siblings..."

Sadness was clearly audible in his voice... Without being able to remember what exactly happened back then Solidstrike already regretted it. No doubt the Fallen forced him to do many things he did not want but it still didn't give him a better feeling right now. His gaze wandered off and trailed around in the room. His processor was working on how to put this new information to those he already had. Nightshade never mentioned that he had an apprentice... Why? Didn't she know? After some time Solidstrikes gaze returned to Shadowdancer.

"And how did you get here?"
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Solly History
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