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 G1 Solidstrike

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Name: Solidstrike
Faction: Shadowcon
Alternative Mode: Nissan GTR 2009

PostSubject: G1 Solidstrike   Sat Dec 26, 2009 7:37 pm

Name: Solidstrike

Faction: Autobot

Size Class: 16 FT

Primary function: Spy and Scout

Alt mode: sports car

Alt mode 2:

Weapons: Two retractable swords, one per arm. Onelaser pistol

Solidstrike has originally been built by the Constructicons on cybertron during the war. He was supposed to reinforce the Stunticons and has been trained into this direction. Since he wasn't a good fighter and not that strong either and the Stunticons decided to kick him out. Confronted with that annoying matter Megatron grew angry and demoted Solidstrike to a patrol. Once he got the command to spy on the Autobots but while he was doing as commanded he attacked two Autobots and retrieved a technical device that he thought to be valuable. When he returned to Megatron to present him his success Solidstrike got punished for disobeying orders, after all he was supposed to investigate and not to attack. And the Device turned out to be completely useless. Megatrons punishment was hard and it traumatized the rather young Solidstrike. He lost his self-confidence and continued to make mistakes. The first thought of defecting to the Autobots rushed through his processor but would it be any better there?

During the occupation of the Autobot headquarters Iacon he was ordered to watch a prisoner along with two other Decepticons. He just turned his back for an instant to make a patrol but when he returned both of his Decepticon comrades were killed by Hot Rod. Solidstrike tried to sneak away in fear because he knew he wouldn't have any chances against an Autobot like this but dropped his gun. Hot Rod heard it and confronted Solidstrike who used this opportunity to defect.

After a little time he became the Autobots spy and was assigned to his first task to infiltrate the Decepticon base at Kaon. But Shockwave caught him and together with the Insecticons he planted a long-range cerebro chip to control Solidstrikes actions. Solidstrike was sent back at Iacon to destroy the Autobot computer with a virus and to shut down their defenses and to download valuable information for Shockwave. During his try to escape he was killed by Optimus Prime. Later, when the fight moved away from Iacon, Skyfire rebuilt Solidstrike since he was the only one who could disarm the virus in the computer of Iacon.

After he has removed the virus he got another chance to proof himself a valuable member of the Autobot forces and was send to Kaon again to spy on the Decepticons. This mission he accomplished successfully what definitelly rose his self-confidence. Then the energon supplies of Cybertron grew short - to short to continue the war. Both factions moved out to search for another source of energon and when the Autobots were boarding the ship Optimus took Solidstrike along, knowing that they would need a spy. After a fight the ships crash-landed on a foreign planet with organic life.

Fast to come and fast to go is what he is good and drilled for. His main ability is his speed and his courage that makes Solidstrike a worthy opponent to every foe meeting him.

The greatest weakness is his inexperience that let him run into each trap the everyday life offers, never mention of the dangers of a fight. He often appears disrespectful to his superior but never wanted to. His linguistical finesse was never the best. Another weakness is his impatience. Nothing can happen fast enough, everything must go exactly as fast as he goes. Sometime he tries to run through the door before he had opened it, what caused him some trouble, too. Additional to that he has been traumatized in his past being a Decepticon. There are some situations he can’t handle and he reacts with panic.

Strength: 6
Intelligence: 10
Speed: 8
Endurance: 7
Rank: 5
Courage: 7
Firepower: 5
Skill: 2
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G1 Solidstrike
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