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 Corebeats Profile

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PostSubject: Corebeats Profile   Mon Dec 28, 2009 6:19 am

Name: Corebeat
Faction: Autobot
Powerlevel: 2
Gender: Male
Height: 21 ft
Weight: 1,1 t
Alt-mode: Honda CRX
Top-Speed: 130 mp/h (222 km/h)

Strength: 4
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 8
Agility: 9
Endurance: 5
Rank: 6
Courage: 8
Fireblast: 4
Accuracy: 6
Melee: 4

Corebeat has an energon chain at his right arm, he can use it for climbing or in battle as a weapon. On Corebeats left arm is a particle gun mounted, not very tough but with a very high rate of fire and good precision.

Corebeat started the beginning of his life as a supervisor in the HUB of Central City. Most time he was responsible for the maintenance of the network and pursued any security intruders. He learned a great deal about almost every aspect of computers from generating a simple file to hacking into encrypted security protocols because it was his job every cycle. He often had to deal with hack attack and intruder problems and learned how to store the files safely. He even helped develop a whole new operating system for the HUB and was responsible for the security systems. When the conflicts with the Decepticons began Corebeat left Central City, strayed around for a short time and eventually joined the Decepticons as a communication specialist. He worked together with Soundwave and learned from him how to deal with satellites, later he did his job on his own and got orders directly from Megatron. His orders mostly contained causing disturbance in the Autobot communication to keep them from calling reinforcement. Corebeat did not participate in direct hand-to-hand combat very often, most times he did the for- and after-jobs.

Corebeat did his job always to Megatrons satisfaction and even got promotions. The day when Megatron left for Earth to gain the Allspark Cube and Shockwave took over command of the Decepticon forces on Cybertron things started to change. Soundwave got most of the tasks and Corebeat felt overstepped. Shockwave led the Decepticons differently than Megatron and set other priorities. There weren't many communications officers needed and Shockwave preferred to set on Soundwave so Corebeat has been reassigned to the fighting troops. Since he was never designed for heavy battles Corebeat got a sloppy upgrade and at the end suffered some severe damages. Corebeat spent most of the time in repair bays than on the actual battle field but later he warmed up with it and became a quite agile fighter. He could always only set on his velocity than on his strength but he quickly realized that when he saw not to get hit that often he didn't have to take much. The war went on and the Decepticons appeared to win the fight and Corebeat felt that he was getting needless. Secretly Corebeat left the Decepticons and strayed around in the wasteland until he met some Autobots. First they shot at him but then Corebeat claimed being an Autobot himself. First the Autobots didn't believe him but then eventually brought him along anyways. They brought him to Iacon, their headquarters. Once there he was shortly assigned to another fighting group. Suddenly Corebeat found himself fighting against the Decepticons who just started a heavy assault on Iacon. Corebeat wasn't aware that the Decepticons have planed an overkill and fled from his group.

After a time of hiding Corebeat returned to what was once Iacon. Then it was a pile of smoking ruins and Corebeat found his group commander Solidstrike. Together they hid in the basement of Iacon and found old records of a launching side there. They could start anything with it and Corebeat left it to Solidstrike to do anything with it. They decided to search for it and went back to the surface after a time. During their journey towards this launching side they have been attacked several times and got separated. Corebeat fled into some ruins and kept himself hidden since he had no chance of fighting the Decepticons all on himself. After Corebeat let Solidstrike down he was afraid of returning to him and so went on into another direction. It took him quite a while until he reached something that could be called a safe harbor: Another stronghold of the Autobots. Corebeats battle injuries got repaired there and he was able to refill his energon resources. He fought on there for a little while and when he saw Solidstrike again who suddenly showed up there one day he nearly panicked. But his one and only friend in this world soon left to follow the call of the Autobot leader and so Corebeat was alone again. He remained in the stronghold as long as he could and helped defend it against a Decepticon assault. But the Decepticons were way too strong for them and they wiped the entire stronghold out, killed every Autobot they got. Corebeat fled again, he ran for his life and was hunted by the Decepticon attackers who have identified and marked him as a traitor. They finally got him and knocked him offline.

When Corebeat awoke he was back at Kaon hanging upside down in a prison cell with no light. He had no idea how long he was hanging there and suddenly a well known robot entered his cell: Shockwave. He questioned and tortured him a long time, he wanted to know how tough the Autobots were and where they strongholds were. Corebeat didn't know it but Shockwave didn't believe him and kept torturing him. One day Shockwave made the grave mistake underestimating Corebeat. The big Decepticon let him down from the chain and Corebeat used the chance to flee. Since he was small and little he managed it to escape from the prison cell and even to lock up Shockwave in it. Corebeat used his computer abilities to fool the security systems of Kaon and managed his escape. Then he was straying around with no where to go and avoided the Decepticon patrols every time he spotted them. He was completely unaware how much time has passed by and took refuge in some ruins where he didn't know that it was the former base of the Shadowcons.

Flexibility and creativity was built into Corebeats personality from the very beginning. It was necessary so that he could operate well as some sort as a network administrator and problem solver. With growing experience he also grew more resourceful and learned to use this characteristic to his advantage. When he has a goal he works long and determined, once he sat something in his mind he works so long until he gets it. Sometimes he gets hyperactive what even fuels his resourcefulness and his determination or he starts jumping and messing around when he has nothing to do. He can also learn very quick thanks to his readiness of mind.

What he lacks is certainty and self-confidence. He is easily to manipulate and to win over to another cause. Most times Corebeat just 'swims with the stream' because he lacks of an own opinion. That causes disloyalty and invites him to switch sites when things don't go all well. During his time alone he had to fight for everything and he became pretty greedy. During his time as a Decepticon he drunk a lot and became oblivious and less caring for the things around him.

He is easy to manipulate and believes almost everything what he sees or what he is told. He tends to make over-rushed decisions and comes to over-rushed conclusions. It's also easy to distract Corebeat and divide his attention.

Special Abilities:
Corebeat has the ability to remote control other mechanisms. He can tap into computer systems to plant false information or destroy the local programs. This ability can also be used to take over control over other transformers. A transformer controlled by Corebeat can only witness what happens but he can't act on his own.
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Corebeats Profile
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