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 Eternal Damnation

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PostSubject: Eternal Damnation   Sun Sep 04, 2016 5:55 am

SG 9 has returned from a eventless archeological mission. In the briefing room, while Tal'Orak gives his archeological report, Kirk collapses. A young girl speaks to him in a vision, telling about dead people speaking to her, she seems insane.

The Girl tries to lead Kirk to a terrible secret of a military strike that destroyed great parts of the planet. Whole cities lost, all inhabitants killed by a virus. She was one of a very few immune to the virus and had to watch family and friends die. Unable to take care for herself she, too, had to die in the aftermath.

After SG 9 visited the barren planet the girl restless soul possessed Kirks mind. After he lifted the secret and the crime that was committed was spoken out loud she was able to finally rest in peace.

Pics of the planet visited:

Kirk collapses, but doesn't know. He sees a girl entering the briefing room:

Girl shows him the vision:


%C4 Der Einsatz ist erledigt, vor etwa einer dreiviertel Stunde seid ihr von P9X-4R5 zur├╝ck gekehrt. Es handelte sich um eine ereignislose archeologische Erkundungsmission. Ihr befindet euch, nachdem ihr Zeit zum Duschen und Umziehen hattet, im Besprechungsraum zum Debriefing. Tal'Orak steht vorne am Kopfende des Tisches und langweilt die Gruppe mit einem ausf├╝hrlichen Report, ein Beamer wirft ein paar Bilder an die Wand hinter ihn, die er mit der Digitalcamera gemacht hatte.

%C4 %B <<< Start der StarGate Mission >>>
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Eternal Damnation
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