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 Airblades Profile

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PostSubject: Airblades Profile   Fri Jan 01, 2010 1:06 am

Name: Airblade
Faction: Autobot
Powerlevel: 1
Gender: Male
Height: 82 ft (25m)
Weight: 87 tons
Alt-mode: C17
Top-Speed: 508 mp/h (818 Km/h)

Strength: 3
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 6
Agility: 4
Endurance: 7
Rank: 6
Courage: 10
Fireblast: 4
Accuracy: 8
Melee: 5

Airblade possesses one laser pistol

At the very beginning of his existence Airblade was just a supervisor in an energon storage facility. He was responsible for the energon flux to the work stations of Iacon and organized the shift rotations among the robots working there. When the war began Ironhide recruited him as a spy since he had the ability to manipulate other robot's sensors and make himself invisible this way. Airblade was sent to the Shadowcon headquarters to gain some vital information about the Shadowcons who were fully unknown at that point of time. During his mission Airblade obtained some valuable information about the Shadowcons but when the war finally broke out he decided to go into hiding. He was fully aware that he had no chance in any fight since he never has done something even close to it. Airblade left the Shadowcon base and went out into the wastelands. He knew that every bigger city would be attacked by forces of the opposite faction and so he decided to live alone.

In his isolation he kept tinkering and doing handicrafts and biolt up a listening post to keep himself informed about the ongoing of the war. He even managed to hack into the satellite system and intercept direct comm links between the robots. He spent much time just listening and waiting but he realized that this war wasn't going to come to an end soon. He heard the message of Optimus Prime from Earth and considering that Cybertron lay in ruins he decided to leave for Earth. His goal was to stay in hiding and stay out of the cross fire between the remaining Decepticon forces and the Autobot resistance.

His journey to Earth was relatively quick and after his entrance into the atmosphere he collided with a large object. It was a military transport plane, a C17, but Airblade didn't know that. He transformed and found himself on it. He transmitted his spark into the plane and his former frame became a lifeless and useless shall fell from the plane into the ocean. Airblades spark infiltrated the planes systems and so he became the plane. The humans thought it was a technical malfunction and flew the plane back to its base. The human technicians stitched and cut him not knowing that he was a feeling lifeform until he first transformed and stomped away. He was chased by the human military for quiet a time but he managed to go back into hiding. He still used his abilities to gain access to almost all information the humanity had to offer. He listened to the radio traffic from almost all over the world. His ability to manipulate sensors was not enough to hide his huge frame optically, since he also couldn't manipulate organic eyes he couldn't hide himself from them, but he could make himself disappear from the human radar and their sensory. He developed an interest for research and science on the human race and their culture and learned to understand them.

A calm and shy character defines Airblade. He barely says anything, actually only when he is asked, and he has absolutely no drive for leading anything. But he is still capable of making his own decision and acting on his own. He dislikes to take responsibility for others, he likes to operate all alone. His greatest problem is he is still afraid to fight. He is only trained for self defense but even this is his last resort when all else fails. As long as he has the possibility he runs and hides. His greatest personal strength is his loyalty and incurruptibility. You can offer him what ever you want he won't ever betray and let down his friends. He is always honest and precise in doing his tasks.

He is not educated for fights. He is afraid to fight. He has unarmed besides his pistol.

Special Abilities:
Airblade can manipulate sensor systems, he can make himself disappear on them or appearing differently.
He can intercept comm-links, reading their content and disrupt the signal.
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Airblades Profile
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