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 Radiators Profile

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PostSubject: Radiators Profile   Sun Jan 03, 2010 10:06 pm

Name: Radiator
Faction: Autobot
Powerlevel: 2
Gender: Male
Height: 7,3 m / 24 ft
Weight: 1,4 t
Alt-mode: Fiat Strada TD 70
Top-Speed: 111mp/h (180 Km/h)

Strength: 7
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 5
Agility: 6
Endurance: 8
Rank: 7
Courage: 8
Fireblast: 5
Accuracy: 9
Melee: 7

His left arm can transform into a plasma-welder, it can reach a heat from several ten thousand degrees and melts almost everything.
In the upper wrist of his right arm is a soldering iron inbuilt, extendable up to a length of ca. 90 centimeters (2,5 ft) and it's tip reaches a temperature of maximal nine hundred degrees.
mounted on his shoulders he has four little muzzles, two per shoulder, which can thrust out very hot and very cold gases.


Living quietly in peace Radiator was a normal Autobot resident at the Autobot controlled city Kalis. He lived there as a maintenance worker for the environmental control. He got the news of the war only over the news vortex but he didn't care much about it. He thought about it as a minor difference in opinion, what it actually was, but he never thought that it would become something so large scaled. He just kept following his everyday live as if nothing were going on. When the number of attacks on Kalis increased Radiator was assigned to the repair teams but he decided to leave Kalis because he didn't want to live in the continuing danger of the war he had to acknowledge by now. He went to a small settlement in the outskirts of the Autobot territory. He thought that those settlements were of no tactical importance and so he stayed there. He did not hear anything from Kalis again until a heavily damaged Autobot reached the settlement and brought the news about its destruction. Radiator thought about leaving the settlement and head back to Kalis but he decided otherwise because this action could get him caught in the front lines and he didn't want to risk that. He built himself up a new life in this settlement and lived there as the resident mechanic. He was quite happy and didn't miss much from Kalis but one day he felt forced to return to Kalis and see what's left of it. So he headed out into the wastelands of Cybertron and returned to his state of origin. He found the ruins of his home and spent a lot of time searching for anything or anyone who survived. He couldn't explain it to himself why he was so emotional suddenly but he still felt bound to this place. But Radiator had to see that there was nothing left and so he strayed around for a while.

In a cold night a strange bot was straying through the wastelands himself and found Radiator taking refuge in the ruins of a crematorium. This bot took Radiator with him to his own settlement and so Radiator got to the cybertronian slums. He built himself a residence there among many of decayed or ruinous barracks and remained there. Gang fights and street wars were usual there and Radiator was quickly recruited into a gang named The Hazards. This gang was at war with almost every other gang and used him as some sort of an assassin. Radiator had to adapt quickly and was left with no choice. The gang threatened to destroy him if he wouldn't comply and the other gang members where after him just because he was one of the Hazards. His first mission was to assassinate the gang leader of another gang what got him almost killed. First he was captured and tortured, then freed by the own gang to be punished by them for failing the mission. After this he prepared himself better for his next assignment. He decided to use bombs and mines to achieve his goal and tought himself some chemical basics how to build bombs. He was sent onto a second mission short after the first one with an attacking force of a rivaling gang as his target. Radiator managed to slow them down and his own gang was able to defeat the attackers but another small group could intrude into the Hazards territory and cause much damage. Knowing about Radiators background of being mechanic he was assigned to repair the damage along with some others. He became close friends with two other gang members who shared his opinion that this was completely senseless. They forged a plan to run off and escape this insanity and a short time later they put it into action. The three of them fled into the wastelands and Radiator had to find out that nearly everything was destroyed. The robots in the slums were living in their own world completely cut off from what was going on in the rest of the world. Not even a news vortex was available there and so Radiator got his ice cold shock and so did the other two.

The three of them took refuge in an abandoned spare part storage and they could live there in peace for a short time. But one day a Decepticon patrol came and spotted the storage with some spare parts they needed. Radiator and his friends were simply defending their home but two of them got killed and Radiator was captured. The Decepticon patrol brought him along with the spare parts they needed back to Kaon, their headquarters. Soundwave suspected an Autobot spy within Radiator and ordered the interrogation of him. Radiator was tortured and interrogated for things he couldn't have known. After a long time of being prisoner of the Decepticons he managed to burn a hole into the cell wall and fled back into the wastelands. He was mentally broken and strayed lonely through the wastelands with no goal and nothing to go to. Later he took a few contracts from the Autobot resistance containing reconnaissance and spy missions and a few sabotage acts but he eventually ended up with nothing. The war took everything from him and left him nothing to live with. He tried to commit suicide and he almost succeeded. Radiator cut his main spark line and witnessed how the life drained out of him. He did not expect to open his optics ever again but he did and looked into an unknown face. A young Autobot who got lost in the chaos of war had found him and provisional repaired the damage Radiator did to himself. At first Radiator was mad at the young bot because he felt himself being denied of his chosen death but later he warmed up and considered this young bot his friend. Together with him Radiator resumed straying around and eventually they found an Autobot resistance cell. The young Autobot decided to stay there, Radiator was reluctant but eventually he remained there as well. There Radiator got his first fighting training by a seasoned Autobot warrior and later he collected some valuable fighting experiences in battle.

Due to the proximity to a Decepticon ammunition facility this resistance cell was under permanent attacks by the Decepticons. One day the Decepticons attacked with heavy artillery and ground assault to wipe this resistance cell out once and for all. Again this only home Radiator had got destroyed and leveled to the ground. Radiator was able to flee along with some others of this cell, including the young Autobot. Soon after the attack Radiators friend decided to join another resistance cell but Radiator didn't want to experience something like that again and so they parted ways. Alone again Radiator strayed around in the wasteland living between debris until he one day heard the call of Optimus Prime to come to Earth. Radiator was unsure how to proceed but he thought that it could only better there on Earth than on Cybertron and so he left for Earth. He crash landed near Fallon in Nevada and chose his form as a Fiat Strada in order to blend in. He chose his alt-mode from a used car dealer and because he placed himself among the for-sale cars he got bought one day by one of the residents. Unaware of what kind of car he bought the man took this Fiat back to his place and in the following night Radiator transformed. First the man was scared but they started to talk and both realized that they had nothing to fear from each other. The man also told Radiator that he shouldn't transform in public and so he remained the only one who knew about his cars' secret. He drove Radiator to work, to the donut shop and to the store almost every day and in the night in the mans' yard they were talking and having fun for nearly three years. He used this time and the internet to make himself an expert on chemicals and explosives.


Pride of his job Radiator was a pretty ordinary Cybertronian of the Autobot controlled state of Kalis. From time to time he gave his superior a tough time since he is a goofy type of worker. Radiator was always peaceful by nature and avoided all kinds of fights, physical and verbal. When the war began and he lost everything he started to act impulsive and hostile if someone or something doesn't work as he wants it at once. He kept that manner as well as his bravery he gained during his times in the slums. Unfortunately his bravery goes to his head at times and he tends to be a little overconfident. When it comes to acquittal Radiator is not always as reliable as he claims to be. Even though he has always done a good job back in Kalis turned out that he simply lacks of what it needs to be an assassin or a assigned warrior. The training he got in the Autobot resistance cell gave him more self-confidence and a better feeling for battle but he still prefers the safe quarters of a lab or an engine room.


Radiator is not very strong and he isn't a good fighter neither. His chaotic sense of order makes him messing up at times.

Special Abilities:

Radiator can withstand extreme heat and cold. He has also an acid proof armor. His life in the slums of Cybertron made him an expert on surviving and he earned a great deal of experience concerning bombs and explosives. For almost every pursuer Radiator has a nasty surprise in store.
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Radiators Profile
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